Why You Must Know High Protein and High Fiber Foods

If you own a cat, you have the responsibility to feed it on proper foods, and to ensure that it gets sufficient amounts of the necessary nutrients. You also need to know what cats shouldn’t eat. Cats primarily need proteins. Fiber is also an important nutrient for cats, but not nearly as important as proteins. So why should you know high fiber and high protein foods?

High Protein Foods

Proteins contain amino acids and these are the building blocks of the body of any animal. Without sufficient amounts of protein, you cat will not grow and develop normally. In addition, your cat will not be able to heal and repair its wounds as easily as it should. In the jungle, most members of the cat family survive on a diet made purely of protein. Specifically, this protein is derived from uncooked meat.


For domestic cats, the amount of protein fed to a cat should not be as much as they would probably feed themselves in the wild. The recommended amount of protein that should be fed to cats is about 30 percent of the cat’s total nutrient intake. Cats generally need more protein as kitten, when they are growing at a faster rate.

So why do you need to know high protein foods? Because that is exactly what you need to feed your cats on. It is also important to regulate the amount of protein you feed your cats. Over feeding your cats will not have the effect of improving the pet’s state and health. Instead, the extra protein is converted to fat and is stored in the cat’s body. The result of this may be obesity, especially if your cat is not the playful type.

It is also important to remember that cats that are sick, lactating or growing old have special nutritional needs. They might need extra levels of protein to aid in their recovery. If you are not always available, you should get a petsafe cat feeder or any other automated feeder to do the job for you.

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High Fiber Foods

Fiber is not a basic need in cats. However, it is likely that your cat will experience stomach upsets once in a while, especially if she is your first cat. This is because your cat is likely to be fed on many human foods that she cannot handle. Although you might make an effort to find out what cats can eat, you might still feed it on some dangerous foods once in a while. This is where you will need to know high fiber foods.


Fiber serves the same purpose in people and in cats. Generally, in all animals, fiber helps to create bulk in the food eaten, and this will improve the digestion of food. If your cat has diarrhea or constipation, serving it lots of fiber can help to ease its suffering.

Another important role of fiber is in helping the cat to cut down some of its weight. Some cats eat too much and spend a lot of their time sitting in their cat condos and trees. This makes the cat grow obese and potentially sick. If this is the case with your cat, you will have to feed it on fiber to help it eat less food.

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