Why Does Your Cat Meow Constantly?

Meowing is the primary “language” of cats. Meowing in kittens usually means that the kitten wants something from its mother. For example, a kitten can meow when it needs food, feels cold or feels scared. Older cats will meow in an effort to communicate with people. If your cat is meowing more than usual, then one of these may be the reason:

The breed

Some breeds of cat meow more than others. For example, Siamese cats have been noted to meow constantly, and more than many other breeds. If you prefer more silent cats, then you need to consider the breed before buying a cat.

Learned behavior

Cats learn through responses that they get. Many other animals, including human beings, develop behavior in this way. If you got your cat when it was already an adult, it probably leaned to meow constantly from its previous owner. It is easier to teach kittens to meow less by giving negative responses when the meowing becomes too much. Giving positive responses or no responses at all will make the cat learn to meow excessively.

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Cats meow when hungry. If this need is not fulfilled to the satisfaction of the cat, then it is bound to keep meowing till it is fed enough. Many cats get used to fixed feeding times, and will become very noisy when their meal times are skipped. To control this kind of behavior, avoid feeding your cat when it meows too much. Wait till it quiets down then you can offer some food.


When ill cats will meow more than usual. If you have already been with your cat for some time, then you probably know when it is meowing unusually excessively. This could be as a result of the discomfort it is experiencing due to the illness. You might want to consider taking your cat to the vet.


Cats are notorious attention- seekers. When bored or lonely, cats will usually meow to attract the attention of their owners. If they don’t get it, they will meow constantly and get very noisy. Since its your cat, it is important to spend some time playing with it every day. That way, it will become quieter.



When a cat is on heat, it will meow to attract the attention of a mate. Female cats meow when on heat, and males will meow when they detect a mating partner nearby.


Cats also meow just to say hello. If your cat suddenly gets very noisy when you arrive home, this could be the reason.


Any form of conflict is sure to get your cat meowing uncontrollably. That’s just how cats deal with stress. This includes any changes in the cat’s regular schedule. For example, if your cat is used to feeding at certain hours, it will meow constantly if you make any changes in the feeding schedule. In addition, shifting from one town to another, or just one house to another, is sure to get a lot of meowing from your cat. This will, however, end as soon as your cat gets over the anxiety.


As cats grow old, they are bound to experience a decline in cognitive functions, and this can make them confused. This will make the cat meow excessively. This can be solved by using medications prescribed by a veterinarian.


Generally, if you want to control the meowing of your cat, try to modify its behavior early in age. Make sure all its needs are met before it starts to meow. When it starts to meow excessively, ignore all that it might be asking for, and wait for its moment of silence, then you can offer some food or play with it. This way, it will learn that excessive meowing is not the way to get what it wants. However, when you suspect that excessive meowing may be as a result of an illness, do not hesitate to take it to the vet.

Another trick to keep your cat quiet is to play with it excessively till it is too tired to go on. Every cat owner knows that a tired cat is a silent cat. If your cat is too noisy at night, then you definitely need to do this right before evening. That way, you can have your peaceful nights. Feeding your cat just before bet time will also help it to get tired and sleepy, meaning it will not be up to keep meowing all night.

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