Why Does My Cat Pee All Around the House?

Cat litter box problems are a common issue with cat owners. At some point, your cat may stop using the litter box. The problem might be one of these:

Poor Cleaning of the Litter Box


The litter box needs to be cleaned every once in a while

Yes, the litter box needs to be cleaned every once in a while. Otherwise, you are to blame if the cat makes your house dirty. As the cat owner, you need to learn how to clean litter box. It is recommended that you scoop out the dirt off the litter box twice every day. In addition, you should completely clean the litter box every month. However, you should also make sure you buy litter to fill the litter box. Otherwise, the cat may fail to identify the litter box. If you have trouble cleaning the litter box, you can buy an automatic cat litter box instead. Alternatively, you can get a littermaid or a scoop free litter box.

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Poor Training of Your Cat

Some cat owners have this belief that cats are born with the knowledge of how to use the litter box. This is not true. In fact, cats naturally like to relieve themselves in a dirty area or a place with soil. Once you bring your kitten home, you need to introduce it to the litter box. Otherwise, it will keep peeing all around your house.

Buy a litter box that is big enough for the kitten, and some litter that the kitten will use to associate the box with. Then take your kitten to the litter box once in a while. Every time you give it a meal, you should also let it sit in the litter box. After some time, the kitten will understand the purpose of the litter box and will use it to relieve itself.

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Not Enough Litter Boxes

How many litter boxes should you have in your house? As many as the cats you have. If you live in a large house, you could even consider having some spread out in the house. This way, the cat will not be late to arrive at the litter box. Some cats do not also like to share a litter box, and will stop using it when they find another cat in it.

The location of the litter box should also provide some level of privacy for your cats. You can also make the cats feel safer by covering the litter box. At first, this might scare the cat, but they should get used to it after some further training. Covering the cat litter box can also help you have a less smelly room.

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Why Does My Cat Pee All Around the House?

Disease or Old Age

Cats growing too old have the same slow down in their system as human beings. They will become too slow to make it to the litter box in time. You can solve this by repositioning the litter box to a place closer to its resting area.

Another common reason why cats don’t use the litter box is because of a disease. Kidney diseases and diabetes make the cat help itself at any place. Once you rule out all the above, you should take your cat to the vet for examination. If you suspect that the cat could be sick, you should start by checking the cat for diseases. Making sure your cat takes enough water every day will help to prevent such diseases. Ideally, you should purchase a pet water fountain for your cat.

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