7 Ways Cats Show You Their Love

As at today, cats are more popular in homes than dogs. Out of 3 cats, we have one dog on the planet, making a total of more than 80 million cats in U.S homes. Meaning that cats are more popular than any other residential animal. As much as they are popular with people, they have affection towards people. We have a myth that cats are believed to be aloof and unemotional. Cats use a combination of body language vocalization and postures to show their love. Some term this as offensive, puzzling and aggravating because they do not believe in cat’s emotion.

So how will I know that my cat loves me?

1. Follow you around


One way that, you will find out how your cat loves you, you will notice that it keeps following you around. As they follow you, you will see that they keep rubbing their body against your legs. Moreover, the cats might accidentally trip you for you to see them. They just want to be around you. Next time you notice your cat behaving that way do not kick it or scold simply because it is one of the many signs your cat loves you.

2. Playful

Going by a famous saying that says as playful as a kitten. A cat will always try and start playing around you when you two are seated together. A cat nibbles on its owner as they try to say I love you through their actions while inviting you to play with you. They play out of pure fun, and they never outgrow this. As they play with you it’s a way of showing they trust you and you are their biggest fan. Apart from that, you will notice that even though you scold it once, they will always want to play with you and forget all that. Cat nibbling is a form of a love bite by cats on their loved ones. Cat loves bites, and you will notice that if you place your finger in their mouth and they slowly nibble as a way of tickling you.

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3. Cats love through their eyes


Eyes are windows to the soul and a potential emotional link to people looking into each other’s eyes. Cats blush! This sounds unbelievable right? Cats communicate with their loved ones through their eyes. They make unique eye blinks referred to as cat kisses. The next time you look into your kitty’s eyes and they slowly blink as they look into you just know that they are at a point of contentment, relaxation, trust, and affection with you.net time she gives you a cat kiss, respond back because of that maybe the only love language they understand from you.

4. Cats show affection through head bunting

Have you been seated next to your cat while watching TV and suddenly your cat starts bopping you on their head? Strange, right? Animal behaviorist has qualified this as a way of a cat showing affection to its owner. Head bunting, doubles up as a show of friendship and ownership. Additionally, head bunts are like head hugs that cats love. It is the nearest form of affection as it tosses its head across to your head, it also comes with cheek rubs that most people like. Enjoy those cheek rubs while they last. That is its simple language.

5. Happy tail “dance”

Do cats love you? Watch their tails. Tails are cat emotional barometers. If you look closely at your cat’s tail, you can see what they are feeling. Tails convey emotions. How do they do that if you may ask? A cat will hold its tail positioned up with a significant fur puffiness. Although tail signals could be miscommunicated as a form of fear, aggression or agitation if you look closely at an interaction with your cat you can see what it means. Cats twin their tails around the arms and legs of their favorite persons. Commonly referred to as the happy tail dance is an expression of love towards it owner. That is one of the many significant ways or signs your cat loves you.

6. Why does my cat sleep on me?

Typically a cat could sleep up to 16 hours a day. There is no better place to sleep that on your lap. It may seem disturbing, but that is a simple I love you message from your cat. Cats are over protective of themselves and will always sleep where they feel secure and safe. Additionally resting on your lap curled up next to you could be a way of seeking warmth, and their no greater way of getting warmth from a loved one. Like dogs, that release oxytocin – the love hormone while next to a loved one it is a myth that a cat also release this hormone which makes them curl next to you as a show of affection.

7. Kneading

ou might associate kneading with baking. It not only happens there but cats use it too as a way of communicating love to you. If a cat loves you and wants to express love it kneads you just like dough. They learn to knead from their mothers when young, so they carry this into adulthood and shower their loved ones with love. Why does my cat knead me? It is a love technique you should take seriously.


Do cat love their owners? Yes, it does if over time you notice that she often sleeps on her back. This is one of the most confusing love action by a cat. It wouldn’t make any sense laying on the back to show their love for you. Unlike other action, this one speaks millions. It shows vulnerability, trust, happiness. Additionally, it is an indicator of playtime for you and the cat. Simple right? Give your cat some you two time when you notice the cat lying on the back. You need to understand this language for easier communication with your kitty while at home.


In conclusion, the discourse helps us to understand how to tell if your cat loves you. It is not rocket science neither is it easy to comprehend. All you need to do is watch your cat slowly, and you will notice its behaviors, and you will be able to understand why the cat sleeps on you.

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