Various Tips On Attracting Your Cat To The Cat Litter Box

Litter Training your pet is a vital responsibility of the pet owners. Cats do not know the importance of cat litter box since their birth. Parents need to teach them the proper use of a litter box. The parents need to carefully indulge the concept of litter box among kittens since their birth.

Take your kitten to the litter box at times when they are most likely to relieve themselves. Supervise them properly and teach them the relation with the litter box whenever they want to eliminate. And there are other methods as well which maximizes the importance of litter box in your kitty’s mind.

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Train her to use the box

Your cat must be properly trained to use the litter box. Cats generally feel free to relieve themselves on dusty areas or on sand. But teaching them the proper use of litter box is important to inculcate this habit in them.

Take them to the box in times when they mostly eliminate, even if the eliminate on the floor keep the waste inside the litter box to show them the significance of the box. Keep repeating these steps and you can successfully teach your adorable pet not to dirty the floor.

The box must be clean

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Cats prefer using litter boxes which are clean. Being pet parents you must make sure that the box you provide to the cat is cleaned regularly and in hygienic.

A dirty litter box not only discourages your cat from using it but also makes your pet sick. For few cats a clean litter box means the box which is cleaned every time after they eliminate. Most of the times they themselves kick the litter out of the box else they start dirtying the floor. Hence, make sure that the box you use is clean and tidy.

Location matters

Most of the times cats do not use the litter box if it is kept in a faraway place. Choose a location which is best for the cat and not for you. Learn to compromise with your comfort to build a beautiful relationship with your pet.

Prefer living rooms or bedrooms where your pet stays all the time. Keeping it in a place which can be reached easily is definitely better than cleaning the litter from the floor or mats.

Choose a bigger sized litter box

A large sized attractive litter box is an intelligent way to encourage your cat to use the litter box. Choose the appropriate size in which your cat can comfortably sit while relieving herself.

Few people prefer the litter box which fits into a desired area, however, being a pet parent the cat’s comfort must be a priority.

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Perfect Type of Cat Litter

Soft and sandy litter is preferred by most of the cats. Choose soft and light scented litter while adding it to the box so that your kitty finds it comfortable to use the litter box. The texture of the litter must be soft enough so that the cats find it more contented to sit on the litter.

Do not go for highly scented litter because the excellent smelling sense of the cats can be irritating. Choose the litter which does not irritate your kitty’s nose. Highly perfumed litter may discourage your cat to use the litter box.

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Prefer uncovered litter boxes

Uncovered boxes are more comfortable and have an increased escape potential. Cats must feel that they can easily escape in case of any danger. In closed litter boxes there is only one way to go inside or go out.

A safer elimination place is preferred by all the cats. They do not want others to breach their privacy while they are using the litter box. An uncovered litter box serves this purpose well.

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Being a pet parent one must know how to make the litter box more appealing for your cats. Proper cleanliness and maintenance of the litter box is undoubtedly an important aspect while teaching your pet to use the litter box. A perfect sized litter box is what you must choose for your cat. Proper use of litter box not only keeps your room tidy and teaches your cat healthy habits, but it also keeps your cat healthy.

So make the litter box attractive and appealing for your cat to use it.

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