Understand your Cats Raw Food Diet & Its Benefit

Cats are naturally predators. Therefore, it’s natural that they are endowed with stronger jaws as well as sharp teeth specifically for ripping and tearing raw meat. They are also able to crunch through pliable raw bones of certain animals. With that in mind, it is essential that you take into consideration what type of diet you give your cat. Establishing a consistent raw food diet for your cat has tremendous health benefits not to mention a reduction in the number of times your cat will use litter box. Mind you, the general health of your cat will depend entirely on the diet you provide it with and using the best self-cleaning litter box.


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Usually, the meat packed in processed pet foods is normally cooked at very high temperatures at as such lose almost all the natural nutrients. There are several benefits to providing your cat with a replica diet based on a wild setting. First, as obligate carnivorous, cats must feed on meat. Cats have shorter and acidic digestive tracts enabling them process specie-appropriate raw diets more efficiently within twelve hours. Such a short digestive gives almost no time for any bacteria proliferation making cat unsurprisingly defiant to food poisoning. Additionally, since they process food quickly a cat will use litter boxes three to five time daily making it critical for getting the best self-cleaning litter box available.

Another benefit for getting the right diet for your cat is a great reduction on stool volume and Odor. A cat’s body will use most of the consumed food if the diet is proper, hence there will eventually be a significantly less volume of stool. With the right diet, cats will eliminate less frequently. The stool will often be dry, quit crumby and hardly smell. This makes it even better when you purchase the best self-cleaning litter box since you won’t have to do the extra chore of dealing the smell from their stool.

On the contrary, feeding a cat with large amounts of carbohydrates gives them a hard time to digest since they system will normally struggle to process the extra carbohydrates. Therefore, most of the inefficiently digested and unused carbohydrates will result in large amounts of waste that normal. Such big, smelly and gloppy puddles will not look good on the best self-cleaning litter you might have recently purchased.


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Additional benefit accrued from providing raw food diet includes an improved and healthy coat, fewer hairballs and less shedding. Raw diets in just a few weeks will improve the cat’s coat by making it even silkier and softer. Normal, cats want unsaturated fatty acids, omega-3 and omega-6 as part of their diets. Such nutrients must be from animal supplied given that cats have an inadequate ability to generate such acids from precursors derived from plants. Such critical fatty acids generally contribute to a healthy coat and skin, as well as reduction in shedding and thus hairball incidences.

As can be observed, it is essential to understand a cat’s raw food diet if you consider raising a cat as a pet. Raw diets provide increasing and long lasting benefits.

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