Understand Your Cat’s Biting Habit

Cats get aggressive some times. With some cats, this is just their natural behavior. However, if your cat is biting or scratching, there may be some ways for you to end this habit. Many cat owners end up shouting at the cat or even getting aggressive themselves out of anger. Any cat owner will tell you that this will not teach your cat anything , especially when it comes to behavior. So how then can you understand and end your cat’s biting habit?

Find the root of your cats biting habit

Cats bite because of many reasons. It could be boredom, stress or pain. If boredom is the problem, you can shop for the best cat toys to keep it entertained. Any discomfort in the life of your cat could also be causing your cat to bite. The cat could also be reacting to very loud noise in the area. Another reason could be aggression. If this is the case, you have to be extra careful when dealing with it since it could harm you. You have to first learn of what might be causing your cat to bite, since there is no way you can solve a problem you do not understand. If possible try to fill in the need of the cat.


Don’t give your cat your fingers to bite during play time

Play with your cat

Don’t give your cat your fingers to bite during play time. This is how to train a cat to keep biting you and other people. Instead, try to find cat teaser toys that your cat can bite for fun. Shop around for the best cat toys for your cat since you want it to really enjoy playtime.

During play time, praise the cat for as long as it plays without resorting to biting. If it does bite you, do not praise it or scold it. Simply walk away and it will get the message that you don’t like getting bit. If you do this for a number of times, the cat will finally end its habit of biting.

Your cat may also be biting out of boredom. If you leave the cat alone for a whole day, there is no way you can expect your cat to be happy. You can cure this by engaging in play with the cat. If possible you can even get the cat a play mate. This way, the cat will be happy, satisfied and will have no energy left to bite you anyway. A good way of draining the cat’s energy is to let it play with a laser pointer. This is sure to drain the cat’s energy and get it to sleep.

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Use medications

Drugs can help relieve your cat’s anxiety and can also help calm its nerves. Be careful what drugs you give your cat since some drugs meant for people are dangerous for cats. In fact, some medicine meant for people can end up killing your pet. If you want to help your cat relax, just take him to the vet and you will get some safe drugs.

Understand Your Cat’s Biting Habit

Try to understand your cat’s biting habit

Positive Reinforcement vs Negative Reinforcement

It is important to remember the difference between these two. The first one ends your cat’s biting habit, while the second one enhances it. Praise your cat and even give it treats when it behaves properly. But don’t shout at it or get violent when it bites you. This will make you the enemy, and the object for attack. Simply walk away or make a loud clap with your hands and the cat will understand what you mean. Positive reinforcement can also be applied in training your cats to use the cat litter boxes, and to have them learn to stay in the cat condos.

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