Training An Adult Cat To Use The Litter Box

[Infographic] How To Train Your Kitten For The Cat Litter Box

Cats are very picky and choosy beings. They want everything tailored according to their interests. Do one thing contrary to their mood and they will get all fired up. On the other hand, they are really cute. They are soft and the best to cuddle into.

Whatever you feel, if you have a cat, sweet or not, you need to deal with one important thing- making it use the litter box. Training an adult cat is a little more difficult because its habits have already developed. This leaves little room for the cat owners to train their cats.

However, here are some ways in which you can learn to train your adult cats also to use the litter box. The training required is little, however, it is the approach that is different.

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Using a litter box comes naturally to a cat. However, since it has been doing the business on its own for quite some time, you need to provide it such an environment that it can use the litter box.

Provide your cat the right environment

If your cat gets the right environment, and there are no hindrances in its using the litter box, it will slowly start to use the thing.

Selecting the right box

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Another important aspect to it is select the perfect size of the box for your cat. The width, the length and the height should be according to the size of your cat. It should fit snugly inside and should not feel any sense of discomfort. There should be enough room inside to turn around. Plastic boxes are the best for this purpose. These are non-absorbent and easy to clean.

Restrict your cat

Cats are free beings. They can go anywhere and can be at a place any time. This is what you need to put an end to. Restrict it to a room for a few days. Small places such as bathroom are ideal for this purpose. The place must be quiet and there should not be much traffic. All of the cat’s belongings, including food, water and litter box should be there. The litter box should be at some distance because cats like to live in a clean environment.

Litter that suits your cat

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Most cats are found to like unscented clumping litter. So pour this in the litter box. Place the cat using your hands. Thus, she will know where to sit in the litter box.

Clean the litter box

As already said, cats are very peculiar beings. They need a certain level of cleanliness. So go into the room where you have kept and restricted your cat. Socialize with it. Clean the litter box. The cleaner the box is, the more chances that your cat will use it.

Release when it is time

When you feel that your cat is comfortable with the litter box and is finally starting to use it, it is time that you release it. The door must be opened and the cat should be allowed to roam around out of the room also freely. It should be the cat’s choice where it wants to go and which place it wants to explore. Don’t force it to go to places it does not want to visit.

Few tips to keep in mind

This was a simple way to teach your adult cat to use the litter box. However, it might not be as easy as it sounds. There can be a few challenges and here are some tips that help you get over them.

If the cat that you recently got is an outdoor one, then it is accustomed to all the natural things. In that case, instead of introducing it to the litter, use soil in the place of litter. This will not be a drastic change for the cat and yet it will start using the litter box. When it gets used to the box, you can move on to replace the soil with the litter.

Even if after following each and every thing your cat is not using the litter box, chances are it might have developed some medical condition. Visit a vet for the same.

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Lastly, it takes a lot of time and patience. Never ever scold or punish your cat, because it won’t understand. This will break all the bonds, instead. Have patience, things will work out with your cat. With time and hard work, it will also learn to use the litter box.

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