Top Alternatives For Your Cat Litter Box That You Should Know

For a cat lover, a cat litter box is nothing more than a miracle. It is super convenient, handy and does all the work for you. Cat litter boxes come as a boon. There is no more need to scoop up the litter, or clean it manually. Your cat litter box does that for you.

However, did you ever stop to give it a thought that you might be harming your poor little kitty on the pretext of providing it with a cat litter box? Yes, you heard it right. Most of these boxes come laced with chemicals. Also, usually, there is carbon footprint. So here are few top alternatives for cat litter boxes that won’t cost you a fortune and will still get the work done.

Nothing But Mother Nature

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Nature has always been the way to go. Before the advent of the litter boxes, cats used to do it the natural way. However, as the boxes came in and gradually developed, everything began to be substituted by chemicals.

Crystalline Silica, sodium bentonite, strip-mined clay and combination of various other chemicals are the new homes for the cats. Accept it or not, you will not want to expose your cat to unknown substances. Therefore, give your cat the shed of nature.

If you do not get any ideas as to what to do, you can consider building an enclosure right outside your home. There must be some deck or a similar area that has some pliable soil. What you need to do is run around some chicken wire on the top of it so that your cat can stay safe. Make sure there is an overall protection as well. And there it is. You can now stay relaxed that your cat will stay safe. All you need to do now is do the basic scooping and flinging of deposits into a pile and thus, you will not only help the nature but also cut off your expenses to a large extent.

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Train Her To Use The Bathroom

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This idea might seem a little insane, but if you check out forums and ask around, you will be amazed to know how many people have taught their cats to use the washroom. Of course, you need to start young to be able to achieve that.

The basic setup is by placing a cat litter box next to a rarely used toilet. Slowly and surely raise it so that the kitty becomes used to it. And before you know it, they will be doing it on their own whenever the need arises.

You can find various videos that teach you just that. Search on YouTube and you will find various tutorials.

And the best part is, you don’t need to deal with the cat litter at all. However, make sure that you have some eco-friendly wipes to clean the seat and all. You can check a video on this here


Filling Litter Box With Recycled Materials

Cats just love to explore everything. They will dig into whatever they find. They will soil their feet and walk around in it. However, the wrath does not end here. The cats just love to cover up their waste material with the litter. So when they walk around your home, you already know what is spreading across your floor.

So you need some litter that is sustainable. Barring dust and clay are ok, but is there anything else? Sand, shredded newspapers, chicken scratch and wood fibre are good for this. Also, since these can be found readily anywhere, you are going to be saving a lot. For odour control, try baking soda.

Eco-Litter Box Alternatives

Though clay based litter boxes are in trend, they are not the greenest. In fact, if you are really looking for something environment-friendly, there are several other options like recycled shredded newspaper, dried corn, compressed wood sawdust, non-food grade wheat hulls, and even sand. You can get all of this in stores also, but be ready to pay a heavy sum for these. You won’t believe, you can use dried orange peel as well. This way you can not just save money, but also give your cat a healthy and natural environment to live in.


These few examples are some cool ideas that you can try at your home for a change. These are cost effective and pocket-friendly. Also, you won’t have to go through the excessive amount of hassle when making your cat accustomed to these, unlike the litter boxes.

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