6 Tips to Help You Deal With Kitten Aggression

Is your kitten being a bit too naughty? It’s not uncommon for little kitten to get a bit over excited at times which could result excessive biting and scratching. Of course, we all love our kitten and want to make sure they feel like a true part of the family so it is important to find the right balance between playful playing and excessive aggression. In this article we’ll go over some basic tips you can easily implement to make your feline friend happier indoors.

1. Scratch friendly (5)

I think you will agree with me when I say that none of us likes to see claw marks on your wall, carpets and sometimes even curtains. It’s super hard to make your kitten to stop scratching and clawing through the walls and furniture. One thing to keep in mind is that scratching is a natural behavior exhibited by young kittens as they try to explore their territory. It also helps to keep their claws clean and in good shape. If you do not want to find nasty claw marks on your wall, sofas, carpets, or curtains, make sure you make your home as scarth friendly as possible. Observe the kind of surface your kitten loves to scratch and provide him with something similar. Some kitties love scratching horizontally while other prefer vertical surface. Observe his behavior and provides him with exactly what he loves. Sometimes a simple home made scratching post could do the trick.

2. Clean litter box


Cats are among the cleanest creatures in the animal kingdom. Do make sure you clean the litter box at least once a day. Also, some kittens don’t react well to enclosed litter boxes so make sure you that your kitten is comfortable or else go with an open lid litter box instead. If your kitten does not feel comfortable with his litter he could act out which could result in excessive aggression. Additionally, providing your kitten with more space doubles his pleasure.

3. Maintain a feeding schedule


Our kittens needs a well structured and balanced feeding routine. Keeping your kitten on a daily schedule is key. When eating irregularly, they tend to become agitated and impatient as they are working their way from one meal to the next. Don’t keep your kitten waiting for food for too long. Make sure you are aware that your he or she is getting the proper calorie intake needed per day.

You can keep this simple by using an automatic cat feeder.

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4. Leash training


It is best to  introduce your cat to a harness is as a kitten because as a kitten he could adapt this habit easier than at an older age.

Your kitten might enjoy some outdoor time, try walking him on a leash in a safe and secure manner. This could be tricky at first, but it is very simple especially if you use cat harnesses that are specially designed for this purpose. A custom “catio” which is normally and enclosed patio can also be a useful structure that allows your cat to spend time outside.

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5. Keep it playful but set limits


Cats are super friendly and enjoy alone time with their caregiver. You can do this by playing around the house, grooming petting, or just hanging out. Make sure you use cat toys whether than your own hands. That way your kitten’s won’t mistake your hands for fair gains

6. Vertical Space


Cats are territorial by nature. Your kitten is no different and one of the key elements to a kitten’s well being is being able to explore vertical space by creating a convenient area in your home using cat trees, cat flaps or shelves  for your sweet kitten. Cat trees are a wonderful option especially for those who have a smaller apartment. When your kitten has his own space, he will feel safe while still providing with a sense of independence.

Final thoughts

Keeping a cat indoors is one of the ways that you will ensure that he has a long and healthy life. However, your cat will not live a happy life unless you add some intrigue to the surrounding. The tips above will not take much of your time but will ensure that you have a happy and healthy cat.

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