Tips On Building An Enclosure For Your Cat Litter Box

All of us will agree, cats are super fussy beings. Though this is balanced by the super cuteness that comes along with it, but if you are living with a cat, you deal with the entire package. And the most important aspect of this is the ‘daily business’ they do. And since they are very picky about things, you need to make sure that their litter boxes are well kept, and hidden, if your cats are shy.

Here are a few tips on how you should build an enclosure for your cat litter box. Follow them to avoid the nagging and irritated kitty of yours.

Just do not upset her

Cats are picky about everything. Whatever you do, they are going to feel ‘meh’ for everything. So while you think you are doing a good job building that enclosure, stop to give it a second thought. Will she really like it this way? If you are moving the litter box to an entirely new place, you might need to reconsider that. Cats don’t easily get accustomed to new places. They are known to associate things with places, and therefore shifting the litter box can mean a menace.

Cat parents are also a step ahead when it comes to pampering their kitties. And with the pesky attitude of the cats, even the most stubborn humans become the most humble ones in front of them. They make sure that their fluffy gets the best foods, catnips, and the unmatchable cat litter boxes.

So if you too are looking to give your cat a pleasant surprise, it is a good shot to take. Make an enclosure for the cat litter box. Thus, you will make the cat happy as well as own a good looking furniture for your home.

Now let us move on to how you can actually make an enclosure for your cat litter box on your own.

However, if you are willing to spend, you can get good ones in about $150-300. Or you can make one on your own. You can check out this video as well

Building an enclosure for a cat litter box

This is pretty simple. The basics remain the same.

  • Get an old nightstand or some cabinet. This will work perfect as the closure for your cat litter box. If you do not have any such item, we recommend you buy a cheap one. You can get a toy trunk or a small cabinet for this purpose.
  • Now, when you are choosing a cabinet, make sure the size is perfect. After checking the size of your cat when it is sitting, get one.
  • Now, the size of the litter box should also be measured. Usually, 19.5” L x 15” Wx 5.5” H will do for an average sized cat.
  • After that, you have to make a cut for the cat to get into the litter box. You can make the openings on the sides of the cabinet. This is because the main idea of an enclosure is to keep the litter box hidden from sight. However, the opening should be large enough so that the cat can enter and exit easily.
  • Before sawing off, make a mark. Cut it off. Now, the edges will be sharp, and you do not want your cat to be hurt. So use some sand paper to rub the edges till they turn blunt.
  • And you are done with it. You can paint it so that it looks gorgeous and adds to the glam of your house. You can also color it in such a way that it blends in with the other furniture of the home.

Some inspirations

Here are some designs from which you can take inspirations.

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A nightstand can be converted into a hidden litter box for your cat. The door can have the entrance or you can make a side entrance as well.

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Curtains will act as a perfect shield to cat litter boxes. These add to the elegance of the room. What more, the cats also love it a lot. Most of the cat owners have implemented it successfully, and are proud owners of these.

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The bench boxes can act as a perfect litter box. In one look, no one can tell if these are litter boxes. Even after you tell them, they will find it hard to believe.

So these were a few tips and ways to make your own enclosure for cat litter boxes. Experiment and innovate on your own.

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