The Struggles You Should Be Aware Of If You Want to Have a Pet Cat

Cats are adorable creatures. Almost everyone wants to own a cat at one point in their lives. But is it all fun, play and watching your cat look cute every day? Not really. Here are some struggles you need to be aware of before you make the move to buy a cat:

Cats can be noisy


Too much purring is characteristic of certain breeds of cat. Siamese cats have been noted to be the noisiest breed of cat. All the same, any cat can become noisy for one reason or another. Kittens will purr incessantly to attract the attention of their mothers and to communicate certain needs. Grown cats will purr incessantly to attract the attention of the owner. Some cats will also just purr constantly as a behavior they learned and developed from the owner. This noise can be so irritating that it keeps you up all night, or wakes you up in the middle of the night.

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Cat fights

You might be a fan of cock fight, but it is doubtable that you would want to own a cat to watch it fight and get hurt or even killed. Owning more than one cat means that you are likely to be up for some serious war action every day. Of course, it is possible to own many cats that all live in peace and even display affection in many ways. However, cat fights can also be a form of enjoyment for the cats themselves, especially kittens of the same litter. As an owner, you will have to learn to tell the difference between a serious cat fight and a playful cat fight. Splitting fighting cats like you would do with your children does little to solve cat fights, and possibly even elevates the problem. You will therefore have to learn how to deal with cat fights in your house.

Understanding Your Cat’s Fighting Behavior

Dirt around the house

Cats are generally very clean animals, which is why they are kept in the house and not outside like dogs. However, as a cat grows older, its body functions much slower and it is incapable of quick movements. Many cats in their final stage of life are incapable of making it to the litter box and will simply just help themselves out somewhere between their resting place and the litter box. Sometimes, the cat can completely be unable to walk and you will have to keep cleaning the cat’s resting place.

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Cats get sick, just like any other living thing. As the owner, you have to keep seeing the vet when the cat gets sick. You also have to be keen observing your cat to know when it might be sick since it does not speak like your child would. At some point, if the cat is in too much pain, you may be required to make the decision to purposefully end the cat’s life. This is obviously not an easy decision to make for any pet owner.

Old age


Cats are mortal creatures and will grow old and die at one time. As an owner, you will likely get attached to your cat emotionally and will have to deal with the unfortunate reality of a dying cat. A dying cat is much like an old person. The systems of the old cat are slowed down and many of the functions of the cat cannot be executed with the same grace and speed that used to be seen. The old age of a cat is the most trying period in the ownership of a cat.

The cat’s senses are all reduces, including the sense of sight. The cat will have trouble navigating the house it once used to run around. Of course, this also means that the cat cannot participate in the same games it used to play when it was younger.

As said before, the cat will also find trouble getting to the litter box in time. This means you have to constantly clean the cat’s resting place and much of the path between the resting place and the litter box.

Generally, an aging cat is a burden to the owner.

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How to Overcome These Challenges

If you are keen on owning a cat, you should take the time to learn about cats. Learn how to read and interpret the behavior of a cat, and how to act on the behavior of the cat. Also, you need to learn how to teach your cat proper behavior. The general rule is that you should always reward good behavior.

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