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Why You Must Know High Protein and High Fiber Foods

If you own a cat, you have the responsibility to feed it on proper foods, and to ensure that it gets sufficient amounts of the necessary nutrients. You also need to know what cats shouldn’t eat. Cats primarily need proteins. Fiber is also an important nutrient for cats, but not nearly as important as proteins. So why should you know high fiber and high protein foods?

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How to Introduce Homemade Cat Treats

Serving your cat with homemade treats in its cat tree condo can be a great way to bond with your pet. It can also be a way for you to exercise your kitchen skills. Introducing homemade cat treats should not present much of a problem since it will not involve altering the cat’s original diet. Making a whole turn over with the cat’s diet is definitely a big problem.

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The Best Cat Products There are many cat supply stores out there, and many companies producing various cat supplies. How can you tell the best automatic cat litter box or the best pet water fountain? It’s simple. We test cat supplies out for you, and tell you which product is better than the rest. You don’t have […]

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