Super Feeder Automatic Analog Capacity Review


The Super Feeder Automatic Analog Capacity pet feeder is among the best automatic cat feeders you will find in the market. This feeder will help you get rid of your worries of feeding your pet, since it does all the work for you. With this feeder, it does not matter whether you are at home in time to feed your pet or not- you pet will always get its food servings in time.

Super Feed has been making pet products for over two decades now, and this means they should be among the best companies you can go to for anything related to feeding pets. The Super Feeder Automatic Analog Capacity cat feeder is among the company’s latest works, and is also one of their best feeders yet.

Product Description

This feeder has a hopper that can hold 24 cups of pet food. The food can be dispensed for up to 48 times in a day, which is a lot more than any cat will need. It also comes with a plastic bowl that is designed to spread the cat food through it, so as to make it harder for the cat to gulp the food at once. The bowl is also dishwasher-safe.

Home automation systems such as iPhone can be used to program the feeder. If you are worried about your pet getting to your food before the scheduled feeding times, the feeder has a standard protective chute device that is installed specially to prevent this. Your cat will get nowhere near your stored food. Besides, the feeder is sturdily built and it is unlikely that your cat can knock it over. Alternatively, you can place it on a wall or a mount where your cat cannot reach.

This feeder will work best with spherical or barrel shaped pet foods. The smaller the pet food, the more accurate the dispensed quantities will be.

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  • You can adjust the timer to serve out food in more or fewer sessions. You can also adjust the amount of food dispensed in each serving.
  • It is made by Super Feed, a specialized company that has been running for over 20 years now.
  • It can be placed on a raised place, such as a wall. This reduces the risk of a stronger pet knocking it over.
  • The feeding bowl does not pile when food is dispensed. Instead, the food spreads out to the outer sides of the bowl. The chute and dispenser are also cat proof, meaning that your cat will not be able to ‘steal’ food before its pre-scheduled feeding times. It is also quite solid; your pet will not be able to break it open to access food.
  • It can help you manage the weight of your cat since the dispenser will regulate the amount of food served to your pets. You can always do this on your own, but the feeder makes it much easier and more accurate.
  • The feeder uses an external timer to operate. Another great option is using a computer or a home automation system.


  • It does not use batteries.
  • The feeder is hard to assemble. The manual is meant as a general guide to a number of similar feeders, and you will have to go through many assembling instructions to find out which one applies to your specific feeder. The instructions are also poorly stated. On the flip side, you only need screw drivers to assemble the whole thing.
  • The feeding bowl is made of plastic, and some pets are sensitive to plastic.
  • It is rather expensive.


If your pet is sensitive to the plastic feeding bowl, all you need to do is replace it with a bowl made of a different material such as stainless steel. You will have to position it correctly and fix it so that your pet does not keep moving it about as it feeds.

The feeder will serve out the most accurate food amounts if you use smaller and round/ barrel shaped foods. A quarter inch is a good size to work with. Otherwise, the food will get stuck in the feeder and your pets will eat less than you meant them to eat.

Your pet might also be one of those eaters that have to move the feeding bowl around. This shouldn’t be a problem. All you need to do is find some heavy tile and attach the bowl to it using glue. Of course, the bowl should always be positioned directly below the feeder.

A big problem for many cat owners is how they can feed multiple cats with a single feeder. Well, you can do this by diverging each food serving using aluminum sheets. For extra security for your cats, you can also use cardboard to separate the different feeding bowls so the cats do not have any contact as they eat. You can make a small room using cardboard to work as the cats’ separated dining areas. This will work best if you have only two cats. If you have more than two, you will find it much simpler to just buy more feeders.

Before you start using the auto cat feeder, you will need to adjust the kibble size. Also, you need to set the duration of the feeding cycle.

Some strong pets might be able to knock the feeder over, in spite of the fact that the feeder is quite strongly built. Again, this shouldn’t trouble you since the feeder is intended to be secured to a wall.


Super Feed is a great company, and its products are of exceptional quality. The Super Feeder Automatic Analog Capacity feeder is one of these. Although you may have to part with a sizeable amount of money, you are guaranteed to get value for your money. Once you know how to assemble and operate this pet feeder, then you shouldn’t have any more trouble with it, or with your cats’ feeding schedule. This feeder is one of those investments that get a lot of load off your back.

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