Strategies For Placing Your Cat’s Litter Box

Cats are the most adorable and lovely companion one can have. They prefer cleanliness and are comfortable in relieving themselves in private areas only. Hence, cat owners must be careful while placing the litter box of their pet.

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Only litter training a cat is not enough, many other aspects must also be covered by a pet parent to teach their pet good habits. Pet owners must know that cats choose private locations to eliminate. Hence, the owner must be careful about the type of litter he uses in the litter box, cleanliness of the box and most importantly the location of the box.

The location plays an important role to encourage your cat to keep using the litter box.

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How to choose a perfect location for your cat?

Whether you are bringing a new kitten or you want to know the reason why your cat is soiling your house you must research well about the location of the litter box. It is important for you to know the areas where your cats find comfortable in relieving themselves.

The following tips will help you choose the perfect location for the litter box:

Near her activity spots

You must choose an area where your cat can easily go in need. Place it in areas where your cat spends most of her time. Do not keep it in distant areas which force your cat to walk a longer distance.

In case your cat spends most of her time in bedroom or living room place a litter box in your room. Avoid situations in which your cat has to walk a long distance when she wants to relieve herself since she might prefer doing it on the floor. You can also place more than one litter box in various areas.

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An area form where it is easy to escape

While elimination cats are not able to fight any problems hence they prefer pooping in areas which has an escape path. Do not choose an area where your cat feels trapped while eliminating. Even if she is at home she might feel uncomfortable to eliminate in closed areas.

Place the litter box in an area from where your cat feels comfortable to escape whenever she finds any danger approaching towards her. Prefer rooms which have more than one entrance so that the cat feels safe while pooping.

Away from water or food

Cats avoid eating and eliminating in the same area. Hence if you place the litter box near her eating bowl she might not appreciate that. Choose two different spots for different purposes. Even if you arrange both the things in the same room at least use two corners of the room.

In a private area

Privacy is an important criterion which must be kept in mind while placing the litter box. Cats prefer private areas to eliminate themselves however it may be away from the activity spot of your cat. You can hide the litter box under the furniture or somewhere in the corner where your cat can feel safe to eliminate.

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Easily accessible places

The litter box must be close to the activity areas of your pet.

She must be able to comfortably climb the litter box while eliminating. Choose a box which is not that challenging for your cat. Do not keep the box at an elevation which makes it difficult for your cat climb.

A quieter place

A quieter location is more preferable by cats for these purposes. Noisy places might frighten the cat and she might not use that area again.

Cats also take time to adapt to the new arrangements of your home. It is important to keep the litter box in the same place every time. Consistency is important so that the cat need not figure out the way to litter box every time she wants to relieve herself.

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Owning a pet is like a boon for the ones who love pets. Proper research about every detail of your cat is really important before you bring it home. In case your kitty dirties the floor you must find out the correct reason behind and find a solution.

The aforementioned steps will help you choose the perfect location to place the litter box. In case you still find any difficulties watch few videos like They have been helpful in guiding you about the location of the litter box.


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