ScoopFree Litter Box Self-Cleaning Review

If you are searching for a litter box, that does not involve any scooping, voila! You are on the right product. My neighbor has used this product and I have seen it. Trust me, it is amazing. There is no need for scooping, cleaning or any sort of refilling. And yet, this ScoopFree Litter Box gives the same results. No odor, no litter, and happy cats and happy you!

With this box, you can forget cleaning for days and yet go without doing it. Setting up is also quite easy. The box comes in three parts. There is a litter box frame, a litter tray that the box itself is and a lid that covers the box and slides beneath the tray.

Firstly, you need to place the lid under the litter tray for protection. Next, pick up the litter box and slide the litter tray below it. If and when you hear a click, it means that the sensor is connected to the one on the litter tray. And the box is set up and ready to use by your cat.

It comes with disposable trays. There are blue crystals in that tray that absorb the urine and dehydrate the solid waste. This covers up the entire odor. The solid waste is thus raked. The tray is disposable and leak proof. It also comes with a lid so that hygiene is maintained. This also assists in quick changing. When your cat needs to litter, just let it in. After it gets out, twenty minutes later to that, the box starts cleaning itself.

The blue crystal is actually silica gel in granular form. And as we know, it turns into gel when exposed to moisture. Well, the gel dissolves with the pee of your cat. And a cat, by habit, uses the crystal to cover up its wastes. Then, there is a smart Optical light sensor system which finds out if your cat is done using the machine. When the SF is used, it activates the sensor and the cleaning commences. In case the cat enters during this phase, all the processes are aborted and the machine resets itself.

The construction is solid and has a plastic design that is quite durable. You get a programmable interface through which you can change the delay time and the day counters.

You can consider getting this one if it suits your requirements. Let us go over the mechanism once again. There is a disposable crystal litter that absorbs all the liquid waste. Whatever solid waste is present is dried by the blue crystals. This removes the entire odor. And then the remaining solid wastes are sealed in an odor controlling waste trap. When the crystal litter gets old, just change it and it will function like a brand new one.

However, before buying this, it is important that you know what all comes with it, including the restrictions as well as the privileges. Use this cat box if you want to use it with one cat. Plus, you should be ready and prepared to spend money for the refilling of the litter box so that it stays fresh and clean. However, try to avoid it if your budget is very tight. Plus, if your cat cannot adjust to new things easily and tears off everything that it gets, it is better that you look for some alternative.

Features At A Glance:
  • The blue crystals control the smell
  • Dust free litter box
  • Your cat’s paws won’t get stuck to it
  • The waste is raked into closed compartments
  • There are safety sensors so that your cat is not caught in there
  • The litter trays are disposable
  • Literally no cleaning or maintenance is needed
  • All the litter trays are plastic sealed. This prevents any leakage
  • Easy push button and a programmable interface
  • It facilitates odorless litter
  • There is no need for you to tidy it frequently. Just change the disposable tray and you are good to go
  • It is lightweight
  • There is a dust free crystal litter
  • The rakes can get jammed or clogged due to the litter 

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