QPet 6 Meal Automatic Pet Feeder Review


In this new day and age, almost everything is performed by machines. You probably get irritated every time your cat wakes you up in the middle of the night for its food. Well, the good news is that the feeding of your cat can also be performed automatically by machines. There are many auto cat feeders out there, each coming with its own set of pros and cons. Designating a single unit as “the best automatic cat feeder” would be fallacious since different people have different types of cats, and no one unit can suit all types of cats. With that said, the QPets 6 Meal Automatic Pet Feeder can confidently be listed as one of the best cat feeders in the market.

Product Description

The QPets 6 Meal Automatic Pet Feeder is circular in design, and is light blue in color. Generally, the design of the unit is attractive. It has 6 compartments for storage of food. With this feeder, your cats can get fed in six different meals within a 24 hour period. You can adjust the amount of food they take in each serving in order to help the cats maintain a healthy weight. The compartments can be used with wet, dry or semi moist foods.

A fancy feature added to this feeder is the ability to record a 6 second personalized message for your cat. This is simply for the purpose of alerting your cat when it is time for it to eat. Of course, your cat will catch on with the food schedule with time and will not really need a call to get its meals. The trick is to have a regular schedule; do not keep shifting the feeding times.

The unit runs on four C size batteries. The parts of the cat feeder are dishwasher safe, and cleaning shouldn’t pose much of a problem to you.

Setting the whole thing up is quite simple. With that said, you might find it helpful to keep the instruction manual close since the process is not exactly intuitive, especially for those who haven’t worked with such units before. The feeder is quite easy to clean and is not bulky.


  • This pet feeder will give you one less thing to do. It will reliably deliver food to your cat at the scheduled times.
  • It has a fancy design.
  • You can record a personalized message to call the cat for food. This is effective since your cat is used to your voice.
  • The parts of the feeder are dishwasher safe. Cleaning the dish and tray is very easy- you simply remove them and run them in the dishwasher.
  • It is very quiet as it rotates. In fact, the only noise you will hear is the optional 6 second self recording.
  • You can use this feeder to give your cat wet food.
  • The batteries used are long lasting, easily working for close to two years.
  • It is well designed and it is unlikely that your cat can figure out how to get to the food between its meals.
  • The unit is quite simple to use.


  • It cannot be used to feed the cat over days. It is basically meant to be used within a 24 hour period.


According to the manufacturer, you can use this feeder to give your cats wet food. However, if you will not be around to monitor the state of the food, it is advisable that you try to use a cooling system to keep the fool cold. This will allow it to stay fresh for longer. You can improvise this by using ice packs which you use to cover the whole unit. You can also freeze the food the previous night and store it in the compartments when frozen.

Although the feeder is meant to feed your cat on 6 meals in 24 hours, you can stretch it to a different day by setting the timer in the wrong chronological order. For example, if you set the first meal to 10 am, and the second meal to 8 am, the second meal will be delivered the following day. The third meal could be set at, say, 7 am. This will mean that the third meal is delivered on the third day. If you want it to go over the 24 hour period, you should use dry food instead of wet food since wet food will easily spoil.

You should also remember that the feeding cannot start at just any point in the program; it has to start from the first compartment. The whole this will, therefore, follow the order from the first compartment to the last. If, for example, it opens up to feed your cat at 8 am, then you wake up and refill the compartments so that it can continue to schedule 2 which you had set to 11 am, the feeding will not happen. Instead, it will start the following day.

You should also exercise your patience with this feeder. Even though your pet understands what you say when you mean ‘it’s time to eat’, it might take some time to understand it from the voice recorder. Before this happens, always make sure you direct your cat to the feeder.

Every time a cycle ends or you refill the food trays, you should remember to push the start button again. Otherwise, the feeder will not work.

Another important thing to remember is to use this feeder only with cats or small dogs. It wouldn’t be ideal for a large dog.

If you experience problems with your cat reaching the food through the lid, you can try to use duct tape to keep it well closed.


The QPets 6 Meal Automatic Pet Feeder is a great unit. If you have a troublesome cat at home, this auto cat feeder can bring great peace to you since feeding is probably the biggest problem associated with cats.

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