Proper Procedure To House Train Your Pet Cat

Cats are fun. You get to snuggle into them and they love you back with the same compassion. However, one frustrating thing about owning any pet is taking care of the wastes they produce. Nobody likes litter all over the place. Therefore, this article brings to you the ways in which you can teach your cat to use the litter box without much hassle.

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Begin at the beginning

Start the training of your cats when they are at least 4 weeks of age. This is the best period when they can be taught and they learn it without any stubbornness. The reason why we are saying to start after 4 weeks is that before that they are dependent on their mothers for urination and excrement.

Give your cat a bowl of water and a warm place to sleep. The litter box should be away from the eating and resting place. This is very important if you really want to teach your cat some manners. For a certain period, they will keep dirtying the house. Until then, give a regular feeding schedule. Thus, it will synchronise their excrement schedule.

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Training your cat

For a newly born kitten, or a recently adopted one, here is how you can train it right from choosing the litter box to training it.

The first priority is to choose the right box. There are many types of cat litter boxes in the market. These come in different shapes and sizes. As a rule of thumb, it is recommended that you choose such a size that the kitten will fit in even after it grows. Also, kittens grow very rapidly, so it is better that you prepare for it beforehand. Additionally, get a litter box that can be cleaned easily. The edges should be high else the waste material will fall out.

The next thing is to select the right litter. Since cats are very picky about things, if they do not like the litter, they will not use the box at all. There are various types of litter available like corn litter, clumping litter, recycled paper litter, clay litter, and blue crystals, to name a few. If you wish to make litter at home, you can choose sandy soil, leaves, and pieces of newspaper and so on. To remove the smell, place bag of lava rocks adjacent to the litter box. Cleaning must be done regularly.

This brings us to the next step, where to keep the box. Well, do not keep it anywhere near the food of the cat. They are very pecky about being clean and will not go with the idea of their litter box next to the food. Also, cats need privacy. So do not keep it in such a place where your family always gathers around. Lastly, the box should be easily accessible by the cat.

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Teaching your cat

You need to take it slow and with lots of patience. The first step is to introduce your kitty to the litter box. At first the cat might not understand what to do with it. So it is your turn to demonstrate to it. A good tutorial is

Observe your cat very closely. When its body language says that it might be needing to use the litter box, pick it up very gently and place it in the box. Normally cats start digging the litter. However, if they don’t, hold their front paws and make a scratching motion in the litter. Alternatively, you can do the same with your finger.

Another thing that you must do on a routine basis is to take your cat to the box few minutes after every meal and after it wakes up from a sleep. Another effective step is to take it to the box after every two hours. Thus, it will get used to the box and then it will automatically get attracted to it.

Alternatively, you can keep your cat in a small cage or space with the litter box, bed and food. Since it does not dirty the food and sleeping areas, it will be forced to use the litter box.

After that, move it outside. Keep the box in different places so that the cat learns to get accustomed easily.

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Now, you must remember one thing always. Cats are sensitive beings. Do not shout at them and never ever hit them. It takes days, weeks, or even more than a month for your cat to learn to use the litter box. Thus, you can house train your pet cat. Check out for further help.

[Infographic] How To Train Your Kitten For The Cat Litter Box

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