Planting a tree for your pet cat

As an owner of a pet, you know that they are territorial and that they also like to indulge themselves in luxurious leisure. Commonly, cats like to do this on top of trees, which is why there are so many reports of cats stuck on trees. In addition to providing cat condos, you can help your cat have some healthy relaxation by getting it a tree to rest on top of. Some stores sell such trees just for this purpose and you can go get one for it. You can also plant one for it.

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Position the Tree Correctly

It is possible that your cat will not be interested in climbing the tree you bought for it. To reduce the chances of this happening, you should correctly choose the position for the tree. The ideal location of the tree is where the cat stays for long periods of time. Even of the cat does not notice it at first, it will soon understand the purpose of the tree and will get on to it for its luxurious relaxation sessions.

Encourage Your Cat to Use the Tree


Show your cat affection when she is on the tree. Give her treats and stay around it when she climbs up the tree. That way, your cat will start to like the tree and will end up spending more time there. Can cats eat bread as a treat? What about chocolate? Can cats eat chocolate? Yes, just make sure you don’t over feed the cat on such treats.

Don’t just give the cat treats when it is on the tree. Drop treats on a trail leading to the tree and leave a lot of it on top of the tree. You don’t want to over feed your cat since you don’t want her to grow obese. So you should just give it some amount of treat at a time. Once the cat is on top of the tree, she is likely to stay there for some time, and will understand that it is meant for her to climb.

Make it Attractive

Your cat may not like the tree because of the nature of the tree. A home bred cat likes to sit on comfortable spots and a tree is not likely to be naturally that comfy. You can help your cat have more comfortable naps on the tree by adding cushions or anything spongy for it to sleep on.


The Height

You don’t want to have your cat hanging from a tree. Cat trees bought in shops are not likely to be too tall for any cat. However, if you choose to plant a tree, make sure you don’t plant a tree that grows too tall. Instead, get a small cat tree that your cat can get on comfortably, and not need anyone to get it back down.

Buying a Cat Tree

You will also want to get the best tree for your cat if you are planning to buy one. To make the best choice, you can ask around different stores, and even read cat tree reviews on the internet. You don’t have to make mistakes that have already been made by other cat owners.

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