Omega Paw Pewter Self Cleaning Litter Box Review

This is also a self cleaning litter box. It cleans all the waste material without much of a hassle. The reason I put it last on the list is that it is one of the most basic litter boxes around. So it is perfect for first timers, cats as well as cat owners. There is a grill that divides the accumulated waste and sends it to the pullout tray.

A good thing about Omega Paw Pewter Self Cleaning Litter Box is that it is perfect for big cats and multiple cat households as well. Plus, there is no need for electricity or any expensive filter. The litter box works in a better way if you have to use clumping and silica litters. Now, if you want to clean the waste, roll the litter box on the right side till the soiled litter rolls into the tray. Then, shake it to scatter it evenly.

Now, when you roll it to the left and then right, a screen will separate the clean litter from the crumpled waste. Then, just pull out the tray and throw away the waste. But yeah, if you don’t want to do all this, you should skip this. But this is an overall good product if you don’t mind the cleaning process.

When you get the box, the trickiest part is assembling it. To prevent it from leaking and from opening up when you are turning it sideways to clean, you should assemble it very carefully. When putting together all the parts, if the latches don’t fit in properly, don’t push it. Carefully examine it and check if there is a bump. Cut it off neatly.

Also, if your box leaks a little while rolling, stick a duct tape to it. Thus, small litter particles stay inside. Next, if you wish to replace the litter in the box, just tilt it backward, and pour litter. If you want to take out the old litter, tilt it towards a trash tray.

Washing is as crucial to it as anything else. If you do not wash the litter box regularly, it will stink. Try to wash it at least once every month. For that, disassemble the box and dump the litter in a trash can. Rinse and soak it for an hour and use a little bleach if need be. Dry it and then reassemble it. Use a fresh litter.

You might be confused as to what sort of litter you should get. Well, it is more of a trial and error method. The thing that worked for me might turn out to be a disaster for you. So check it before you find something that suits you well.

Features At A Glance:
  • Self-cleaning
  • Easy and convenient to use
  • No electricity required
  • Easy assembling of the parts
  • Easy disposal
  • Effective control of the dust
  • Eliminates the scooping work
  • Clean the litter box in a minute
  • Perfect for busy people
  • Cats like the private atmosphere of the box
  • No touching by hand
  • Affordable
  • No batteries needed
  • Little weak latches
  • Regular cleaning is needed else it will start to stink 

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