Nature’s Miracle Corner Hooded Advanced Cat Litter Box Review

How do I describe this best cat litter box! It is just amazing. It is made with advanced plastic technology. This is made to control the odor. The plastic material guards against the odor producing bacteria. Thus, by avoiding the source, the odors are eliminated. The body is constructed using Ionpure (™) which is antibacterial and hence prevents any sort of bacteria growing in and over the cat litter box.

That is all okay but what I like the most is the non-stick surface. It makes cleaning super easy process. There is no litter caking and as there is no odor, I found it quite easy to clean. In the corner, there are two latching side locks. An odor control charcoal filter has the capacity to absorb smells for as long as 3 months. A good riddance for a lazy woman like me!

Another thing that I really consider good about this litter box is that it saves space. Its design ensures that it can fit in literally anywhere. The large size accommodates bigger cats as well. Plus the deep black base which is adorned by flecks of gold makes it stand out. The box is lightweight and perfect for any cat and cat owner.

Features At A Glance:

  • Advanced odor blocking technology
  • Antimicrobial protection inhibiting the growth of odor-producing bacteria
  • Saves space and fits in anywhere
  • No bacterial growth
  • Entry space can be small for some cats 

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