Maintain Your Cat’s Health with the Perfect Nutrition

Proper feeding is the basis of good health for all animals, humans and cats included. Some pet owners have the tendency to feed their cats with human food, which is not always safe for cats. So what do cats eat to stay healthy?

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[Infographic] Homemade Cat Food Nutrition Guide


Kittens are much like human babies; they get all their nutritional needs met through their mother’s milk. In some cases, you may have kittens in the house with no mother to feed them. This should not really present much of a problem. Just be careful not to feed the cat on cow milk or milk from anything else other than a mother cat. Normally, you will need to buy milk formula for your kittens.

As the kittens grow, you can introduce solid food gradually. The kittens should feed on the mother’s milk for only about four weeks.


As adults, cats need to be fed on a diet that is mostly protein

Adult Cats

As adults, cats need to be fed on a diet that is mostly protein. More specifically, the diet of a cat should be mostly animal- based protein. Cats are naturally more capable of processing protein from meat than they are capable of processing protein from plants. Cats have been naturally evolved to eat uncooked meat. However, domesticated cats can be fed on cooked meat to supply their bodies with the much needed protein.

Can Cats Eat Dog Food?

It is wrong to treat your cat the same way you treat your dog. Cats are weaker animals, and their systems cannot digest certain foods that dogs can eat. It is best to stick to cat food.


Many cat owners also make the mistake of feeding their cats on dry foods. This is dangerous and could easily make the cat grow sick. The urinary tract of a cat is healthier when there are fluids going through it. Serving the cat lots of milk won’t supply your pet with the water it needs; you will have to serve it water. Another option is to give your cat fruits such as watermelons. Such fruits contain a lot of water, and can serve the pet with the amount of water it requires. Be careful with this since some fruits are poisonous to cats. Anything served in a food can is likely to be dry and dangerous for cats.

If your cat does not like drinking water, it could be better for you to get a pet water fountain. Cats seem to prefer water that is flowing to water served in a container.


Over feeding a cat on proteins does not do any good for the cat

Over Feeding

Over feeding a cat on proteins does not do any good for the cat. Excess protein is excreted or stored in the body of the cat as fat. Cats do not require high amounts of fat to stay healthy; excess fat will actually end up harming the pet.

A good percentage of domestic cats right now are obese. Pet owners do not always take obesity seriously, yet this condition can result in the death of your cat. Obesity can increase the chances that a cat will develop cancer, liver or heart disease. As a cat owner, you will probably not be very happy to see your cat in pain with some disease you could have avoided by simply regulating the amount of food you serve it.

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Can Cats Eat Bread and Other Human Foods?

Not all human foods are bad for cats. Bread is safe for cats, but has no real health benefits for your pet. Such foods should only be served as treats. It is important is to regulate the human food treats you give your cat. These snacks are not as harmful to people, but the bodies of cats are not designed to tolerate very high levels of sugar and salt- the two key components of snacks. Many people also like to cats chocolate as a treat. But can cats eat chocolate? Yes, but in very small amounts. Otherwise, you might poison your little pet.

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