Lusmo Automatic Pet Feeder Review


Pets are fun company. However, activities such as feeding them might get into your schedule and disorganize you. But you don’t need to worry anymore. You can now use an automatic pet feeder to feed your pets. The Lusmo Automatic Pet Feeder is one of the best automatic cat feeders in the market right now. You can use it to feed your cats and small sized dogs.

Product Description

Unlike many similar products, the Lusmo cat feeder is brightly colored and radiates happiness. The feeder comes with a dispenser tank with a capacity of 1000 grams. According to the company, the amount of food held in it should last for about 12 days. As long as you keep it closed, you should not have any worries of the food going bad.

The food is dispensed in a 1/16 cup scale programming. You can program the feeder to dispense food several times a day; and your programming will be saved and repeated every day. It runs on alkaline batteries which, unfortunately, do not last very long. Each feeder will require four D- sized batteries to function, which you will have to purchase from a third party. The batteries are also not rechargeable. When the batteries run low, the device will inform you so you can replace them in good time.

The product will come with an instructions manual which will help you set up the feeder. Setting it up is a bit of work, but the instructions are clearly laid out so you can have an easier time assembling and operating it.

As with most auto cat feeders, you will need to use dry food. Ideally, the food shouldn’t be longer than 0.6 inches. Otherwise, it might end up blocking the feeder and your portion will be less than you programmed it to serve.

As an extra, the feeder has a manual feeding mode button which lets you feed your pet manually. You can use this button to give your cat treats once in a while.


  • It has a beautiful and attractive design.
  • It works reliably, therefore saving you the stress of always being around to feed your cat.
  • It comes with a mischief guard that will prevent your mischievous cat from accessing food in the tank before meal times.
  • It is great for cats on a weight loss diet since the meals can be modified to servings as small as 1/16 of a cup.
  • You can still manually feed your cat once in a while using the manual feeding button. This is great for delivering treats to your pet.
  • You can set up three meals in a day, and can also adjust the amount of food dispensed in each serving.
  • It has a lid that will keep air out of the tank. You therefore don’t have to worry about your food going bad.
  • The parts of the feeder are easily detachable and this helps a lot when it comes to cleaning it.
  • The feeder is quite silent in operation. You can enjoy silence while it dispenses food for your cat. Your cat will always know its meal times by the sound made as the food falls on the feeding bowl.


  • It uses non- rechargeable batteries. The feeder cannot be plugged in to a power source and this is inconveniencing in many ways. In addition, the batteries are not long lasting, typically dying after about a month. This can easily leave your pet without anything to eat, especially if you plan on going for a trip.
  • Assembling and programming this pet feeder is a lot of work, and is very complicated. It is unlikely that anyone would figure it out without the manual. On the flip side, the manual is clearly written and anyone who follows it will eventually get it right.
  • The feeding schedule is reset when the batteries run out. It doesn’t matter whether you change the batteries in time or late, the feeding schedule cannot be saved without the batteries on. You can therefore plan to keep setting the schedule every month.


It is important to note that the weight of the food dispensed cannot be measured by the feeder. It simply dispenses a certain amount of food (in terms of cups). You will therefore have to measure the food yourself and set it to dispense the amount since not all foods have similar weight.

Another important thing to remember is not to throw the manual away. Very often, we imagine that we will figure everything out on our own since we have worked with many similar devices before. However, that doesn’t apply in this case. Setting up the feeder is very complicated, and operating it shouldn’t be down played either.

Hopefully, your cat doesn’t fall in that group of cats that like to eat anything and everything, and at all times. If it is, then you might have a hard time using this feeder. The feeder comes with a mischief guard which will help in the case of normal cats. However, if your cat is persistent, it will end up sticking its paws in the tank and getting food for itself before its meal times. This won’t just mess up the cat’s feeding schedule; it can also damage the feeder and your feeding schedule along with it. Some slight manual modifications to the feeder can help prevent the possibility of your cat stealing food.

For better accuracy, you should use smaller foods- foods with a size of 0.6 inches are recommended. Wet and semi moist foods will also affect the functioning of the feeder and should be avoided completely.

The feeder is not very steady. You can prevent your cats from tipping it over by placing it on a rough surface.


This is a great automatic cat feeder. If you have peaceful cats that won’t try to steal food in the tank, then it will work perfectly for you. Follow the tips outlined in this review and you shouldn’t have any issues with the feeder.

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