Litter-Robot III Open-Air – Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Box


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Litter-Robot III Open-Air - Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Box

If you get this, you probably won’t need to buy any other self-cleaning litter box. The reason? Well, when I got this, it was not sure if I was investing in the proper thing or not. And results? Don’t even ask. I was so much happy about this Litter-Robot III Open-Air that I got one for each of my cats. And results? All of my cats are super happy eventually making me happy.

It is a very sophisticated automatic solution which prevents you from scooping the litter even again. There is no need to panic or worry about your cat dirtying your home. Even if you have many cats, this product will never disappoint you.

About the product, it comes under the category of self-cleaning and automatic litter boxes. It has a sifting system that very intelligently separates all the waste from the litter. Thus, you will never need to scoop that again. Another thing to notice is that it helps to remove the litter box odor as well. And trust me, you can get any cat to fit in it.

It is made of durable solid plastic. The construction is sturdy and is intended to last long. The internals of the spherical surfaces are thick and made of slippery rubber. Thus, even if some litter gets in there, it will simply slide off.

You get a push button and a user interface with a control panel. Thus, you will be able to configure the machine according to your pet. There are no sharp edges, loose wires or any other substance that the animals can chew upon. No danger of coming in contact with the machinery as well.

I took a while to understand how this system works but it is quite easy to apprehend. There is a weight-activated sensor which can sense when an animal enters into the litter box. After 7 minutes, a clean cycle begins. This includes rotation of the globe in a counter-clockwise direction thereby sifting the litter and separating the clumps from it. All the waste is deposited in a large capacity drawer. Litter-Robot III Open-Air works on this mechanism.

Now, if you are worried about your safety, this product has that also under check. A globe rotates slowly and the unit turns off as soon as your cat enters the litter box during the cleaning cycle. It will wait for 15 seconds. If your cat is still inside, the globe won’t rotate. Now, there is no rake mechanism so there is no chance that it will get jammed or something. This attributes to less maintenance and cleaning.

Setting up the litter box is quite easy. It comes preassembled so there is nothing more that you need to do. Just put the globe on the base that comes in the packet and align the cog with the one in the globe. Plug it in. You have your litter box up and running.

Now, there are a few things that you need to know and do when you are using the product. Make a note to change the carbon filter every two months. Also, wash the globe at least one time in a month. Add a reminder to empty the drawer once every 4 days, and wash it twice a month.

Also, your cat is very sensitive no matter what. So if you plug in the product in front of your cat, chances are you will scare it away and it will refuse to enter ever again. So use it unplugged in the beginning till your cat gets the hang of it.

Then, you need to adjust the sensor of the bottom according to the weight of your cat. Otherwise, it will not clean automatically. Also, to make your cat adapt to the litter box, put some litter magnet in it.

Features at a glance:
  • Sifting process that is patented. It is used to clean the litter automatically.
  • All the waste is deposited in a large-capacity drawer.
  • Very easy and safe to use.
  • Automatically cleans up the box, no scooping is needed
  • Does not need expensive trays or filters, thereby reducing the overall costs.
  • Reduces odor very effectively by the carbon filter
  • Comfortable for you as well as your cats
  • No need to buy any supplies to make it work
  • It also goes with biodegradable cat litter
  • Saves litter
  • It is quite good for long trips. The drawer can contain waste for several days before disposing it.
  • The process of cleaning up after 7 minutes, automatically, reduces any chances of odor.
  • There is a button for manual cleaning as well.
  • It is very convenient to use.
  • There is no jamming or clogging of the waste. It is super smooth.
  • Extremely light weight and very compact
  • It helps to save lots of time and money, in the long run
  • It cleans the litter on its own after every use. You don’t need to go looking after it.
  • Very easy to setup and operate
  • This product works with any clumping litter
  • Low maintenance is needed
  • Good odor control.
  • No overhead charges

Honestly saying, there aren’t many drawbacks of this litter box. However,

  • It might be a little expensive for you
  • And you will get less time to play with your cat.
  • The box is big in size
  • Control panel is not waterproof
  • Sometimes cats just jump into the box without activating the sensor 

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