Learn the Strange Cat Behavior if You Plan on Bringing One Home

If you have ever spent some time with a cat, you definitely know that cats can have some strange behavior. Some of the behaviors of the cats are not even completely understood. Here are some strange behaviors you should expect if you plan to bring one home:

A Guide on Your Cat’s Behavior Problem

Running away after defecation

This is not normal behavior for cats. However, some cats run away after using the cat litter box. Such cats will do this even if you get it the best cat litter box and keep it very clean at all times. Some speculate that this could be because the cat is sick and has experienced some pain or discomfort during defecation. Some experts on the subject also speculate that the cat could be running away from the cat litter box because predators can smell its poop and come after it. Of course, this can never happen at home, but remember cats are evolved to live in the jungle and have these instincts to protect themselves.

Excessive Sleeping


Adult cats can spend up to 20 of their 24 hours asleep

Cats sleep a lot. If you have never owned a cat, you will probably be surprised that cats spend most of the day asleep in the cat condos. Adult cats can spend up to 20 of their 24 hours asleep. This should not trouble you, however. It is normal behavior for cats. However, it might also surprise you that not all the hours are spent in real sleep. Sometimes, the cat is simply resting with its eyes closed. Any movements in its vicinity will be heard by the cat, and if necessary, it will act. This is also part of the cat’s natural instinct for survival.


Your cat can pause when looking right into your eyes. This may scare you at first; but it shouldn’t. The cat is not really trying to hypnotize you- at least not in that sense. The cat is usually trying to get your pity and to play your mind into feeding it or giving it some attention.

Another reason why your cat may stare at you is because it is sick. If staring is not part of your cat’s normal behavior, you should take it to the vet for a checkup.

The Tiger’s Look

This is the look that a tiger has when it is just about to jump onto its prey in the jungle. Tigers are wild cats and have evolved in much the same way as cats. Cats still have this hunting instinct in them and will occasionally stare at something carefully before pouncing on it to attack. If the object being attacked is not of any importance to you (such as a mouse), you should just let your cat put its natural instinct to work.

Rubbing itself on you

Your cat could come close to you and rub itself on your clothes. This is simply a show of affection and trust.

Bringing you presents


Some cats have the habit of bringing the owner gifts such as a mouse that it caught

Some cats have the habit of bringing the owner gifts such as a mouse that it caught. This is its way of thanking you for feeding it and taking care of it. You’ve fed your cat, bought it the best cat toys, kept the litter box clean and even bough it a pet water fountain; and now its your pet’s turn to show it cares about you. The cat is also designed to hunt and take the food to its family. Since you have taken good care of it, you are now part of its family and it naturally brings the food to you.

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