Learn the Basics of Your Cat Grooming

Cats love staying clean and looking neat. In fact, when a cat does not spend any of its time staying neat, it might be sick or growing too old. Letting it stay dirty and untidy can make it sick, and even make it get cat dandruff. Even though a cat will spend enough time keeping itself clean, there is always a part that you, the cat owner, can do to help it stay clean and happy. So how exactly can you do this?

First, if you have never tried to groom your cat, you should start at a time when the cat is more or less happy. This could be when the cat has just had its meal, or a little after its had its sleep in its very comfortable cat condo. At first, the cat may not seem very comfortable getting groomed. If you notice this, just quit and you can resume later. You can also avoid this by getting your cat used to getting groomed as a kitten. As a kitten, it should be less resistant to getting groomed. You might need to start with a softer brush to get your cat used to it. Then you can move on to more effective brushes.


A cat spends enough time keeping itself clean, the cat owner should do to help it stay clean and happy

Brush in the direction of the cat’s fur

You should also remember to always brush your cat’s fur in the direction in which it naturally lays. Otherwise, the cat will get irritated quick and you won’t have time to get it neat.

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Be gentle on soft spots

You should brush the cat’s entire body, including the cat’s belly and chest. Since these are soft spots in a cat’s body, you should try to be extra gentle. Otherwise, your cat won’t be around for too long, and you may end up injuring your little pet. Also, you need to make sure there are no other cats around when you brush its underside. The presence of other felines will increase the cat’s resistance.

Treat your feline pet

If you want your cat to get used to your regular grooming, and to enjoy it, you need to give it a treat every time after you’ve had it groomed. The treat could be a human food which is safe for cats, but served only during grooming. Stroking your cat before you start grooming it can also work as a treat. Cats love getting stroked (well, most of them do). Doing this will relax the cat into the grooming session.


What About The Bath?

Showers are particularly terrifying for cats. Although cats won’t always need a complete shower, you may have to get it to bath once in a while. So how can you do this without having the cat running around and getting all violent?

How to Bathe Your Pet Kitten

Use some warm water. Make sure you use cat shampoo. If your pet has cat dandruff, you should go the extra mile to get the best shampoo for dandruff. If you have a hose, it would be best for this purpose. Start from the cat’s head and work to its tail. Wash the cat till all the shampoo is washed off, and then you can use a towel to dry it. Instead of rubbing the cat roughly with the towel, just pat it till its dry.

Just like with brushing, your cat may not be very happy to take its bath. You can get it to enjoy the routing by giving it treats every time after a bath.

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