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Keeping Your Cat Healthy & Happy With Cat Litter Box

Pet lovers always feel that owning a pet is like living some dream. However, to become a loving and caring pet parent one needs to be responsible enough. To keep your pet healthy and happy you must be dedicated.

If you own a cat, it needs more commitment. Cats are adorable pets and they are great as your family member. They are quiet, cute and lovely. They love to stay clean and are fun loving pets. Cats need not be bathed everyday as they clean their own fur.

Cats generally do not need care as other pets however it is important for the pet parents to ensure that their cat is happy with the litter box. Apart from snatching away the playfulness of your cat a dirty litter box may worsen their health.

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How to keep your kitten happy with the litter box?

Owning a pet cat requires some efforts on a regular basis from every member of the family. However, apart from paying attention to your cat you must also take care of your cat’s litter box. You need to be active and careful to clean the litter box regularly. A proper hygiene must be maintained to keep your pet healthy.

It is your responsibility to keep your cat’s litter box odor free so that your guests don’t complain when they come to visit you. For best results, a pet owner must attend the litter box every day to keep it hygienic and odor free.

The video can be helpful in cleaning your pet’s litter box.

Litter Box

First of all, you must choose a perfect litter box for your cat. The type of litter box you choose for your lovely kitten directly affects the amount of mess your pet creates. Do not only choose the perfect size but also the type of litter box, like a closed or an open one. Some cats prefer closed ones while some can relieve themselves in open boxes also.

Few cats have the habit of kicking their litter which dirties your floor. In that case you must prefer closed litter boxes or boxes with lids. Before you buy any litter box, give a trial to figure out a suitable litter box for your pet.

In case you own more than one cat, it is better you buy different litter boxes for both of them. In case you want both your cats to use the same litter box it is your responsibility to clean the litter box frequently. If you fail to do this, you will end up with a messy box and unhealthy pets.

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A single spacious litter box would also be helpful for multiple pets. Big sized litter boxes would be helpful since they can carry more litter.

Self-cleaning boxes are also available to give you a better experience of litter boxes. These boxes need less scooping however the litter must be pooped out after regular intervals.

Type of litter used in the boxes

The type of litter you choose to put inside the litter box is also a criterion which must be looked after. There are various types of litters available in the market, being a pet owner it is your responsibility to prefer the best among all. Choose the ones which keep your pet happy and healthy. Clumping litter boxes are the best among all. They are pocket friendly and biodegradable. Clumping litter boxes can also be cleaned easily and they must be preferred by pet parents.

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In case your cat does not use the litter box, it means she is not happy with it. Hence it is important to look for a better solution to this problem to see your cat happy with the litter box. Even after replacing the litter box if your kitten does not use it, you must consult a veterinarian of pets.

Overall, it is completely the responsibility of the pet owner to be careful about the needs of their pets. Therefore, choose a good quality litter box for giving a proper health and hygiene.


Kittens are the cutest pets one can have and to keep them happy is a responsible job. One needs to give sufficient time and effort to their kitten to keep it healthy and happy. Proper care, food, and a healthy environment are the basic requirements of a healthy pet. Apart from this love and affection are also important to keep them lively and cheerful.

Follow the tips mentioned above and watch the video to see your pet cat cheerful and lively. Create a strong bond with her and make it a special part of family.

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