Keep Your Cat Healthy With Low Residue Food

Low residues foods for cats, although quite expensive, help with cat problems such as feline constipation in numerous ways. These types of cat foods works fine at allowing the cat to have frequent bowel engagements without any sort diarrhea. Furthermore, the cat will find it easy to poop in its clever cat litter box.

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Low residue foods contain fiber that serves many purposes. These foods are easily digestible to the cats and produce less waste. Some of the other ingredients in low residue food are devised to improve your cat’s health in several ways. Abnormal upsurge of feces in the cat’s intestine are the cause for feline constipation. Besides being painful, the condition often leaves cat’s defecating away from the extra large litter box and a myriad of health complications. Addressing this condition with low residue nutritious foods from the onset can go a long way to keeping your cat healthy and saving your money on vet expenses.

Since low residue food contain a balanced amount of fiber, that is not too litter or too much, they play significant roles in dealing with feline constipation challenges. A cat food with low residue must therefore be low in fiber but not without it in general. Most low residue pet foods come in various types of fiber that play several roles in minimizing feline constipation. There are specific kinds of bacteria live in cat’s intestines and serve to keep the intestines free from bacteria and upsurge in the colon that can potentially cause problems. Blending the highest quality of fibers can greatly improve large discharges health by nourishing the healthy bacteria.

However, the fiber contents in these types of foods need to be low enough so that the animal discharges produced is as minimal as possible. As soon as the immediate constipation is lessened, additional fiber can be integrated into the cat’s diet aid in preventing future episodes. Low residue cat foods contain ingredients that are easily digestible. Normally, cats easily digest animal proteins. This enable their body to use most of the food they take and only leaves a lesser amount for discharge making it easier for you to introduce your cat to the best automatic cat litter box.
Small amounts of fats are also digestible nevertheless a few cats will find it difficult to digest cats than others. Keeping a low amount of animal fat protein along with about 4 percent of fiber provides a well balanced diet for low residue food for your cat. Additionally, foods with high levels of moisture contents will as well help the cat easily digest the ingredients.


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The low residue food must contain low levels of carbohydrates and grains since cats don’t easily digest them. When fed with a high quality of low residue foods, cats will take in ingredients that will help in keeping their stools soft. A sugary syrup known as the lactulose will help in keeping the stool softer by holding water in the cat’s stool. Which such diet, your cat will find it easy to use the best automatic cat litter since the stools will be soft and odorless.

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