IRIS Litter Box Open Top Review

The last item on the list, but definitely worth it. I like this litter box because it is amazing. It is super cheap, cost me less than 8 dollars. And using it was even easier. There is a removable litter shield which prevents any spray of litter, which your cats at times like to do. It comes in a beautiful navy blue color which blends in anywhere. A scoop is included which makes life all the easier.

The open top design facilitates easy access to cleaning the IRIS Litter Box Open Top. The walls are high enough to protect the floor form unwanted littering. The scoop also fits in anywhere in the pan. The pan uses standard litter pan liners. The best feature about the pan is that there are three sides of the pan which are designed to prevent spills. This also provides for a semi-private space. The scoop helps for easy cleaning.

The right litter for this litter box can lead to 99.9% of dust control. And if kept in the right way, it can lead to cutting of the odor as well. The box is quite cheap and goes handy as well. I will recommend that if this is your first litter box, buy this one. This will give you enough exposure and make your cat also well prepared so that it starts using a litter box.

However, there is something that you must know. Cats have this thing inbuilt that they will bury their waste. Thus, litter training becomes relatively easier. Now, you should always clean the litter box regularly. If you don’t have that much time, you can always opt for partial cleaning but make sure that the entire box is cleaned in intervals. Also, make a note to clean the box once or twice a month, thoroughly. This keeps the plastic fresh and stops it from absorbing any odors. However, before refilling, always dry it completely.

Features At A Glance:
  • Comfortable and keeps your house clean and fresh
  • Removable litter hood that gives privacy to your nagging cats
  • Durable plastic body
  • Scoop included
  • It is shielded from three sides
  • It prevents any spills
  • It measures 19X15X11.75 inches
  • Loved by most cats
  • No more kicking of litter
  • Good height
  • Proper clear shield
  • Small size for some cats
  • Small scoop
  • Litter sometimes gets in between the shield and bottom of the box 

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