Important And Essential Tips For Moving Your Cat To A New House

Every person needs to move at least once in his lifetime, and if you are a regular one, then you know the pain of it very well. Especially, if you are a cat owner, you very well understand the tantrums of your cat. So here are a few tips that will ease off your moving to a new house with your cat. Refer this video also

Cats, they just hate changes. They like everything the way it is. They cannot bear the stress that comes along with it. Although there are some cats that won’t reflect it in their demeanour, most of them will try to avoid any sort of trips.

One thing to know about cats is that they are territorial animals. Thus, the change results in a lot of stress for them. They tend to develop strong bonds with the house and its surroundings with time and therefore, leaving it all behind becomes traumatic for them. Also, long journeys increase their problems. Therefore, it is important that necessary steps are taken so that the cats ease into the new neighborhood and stay safe and secure as well.

Prepare for the move


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Get a cage, or a carrier for your cat. You can also opt for a crate. Make sure that it is big enough for your cat to fit in. it should be able to stand up, sit down, and turn around.

Give time to the cat to get used to the carrier. It is natural if your cat hates it as these things remind them of the horrible vet visits. To overcome that fear, open the door, and place something comfy inside. Put familiar items inside so that it does not look entirely new. Place its meal dish next to the cage. Soon, it gets used to the carrier.

Another thing to do is feed the cat at the right time and not disrupt its schedule. Everything should be done by the normal routine.

Next, if you are moving between states, you should have a copy of the vaccination records. Also, make a check if they are up to date.


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An important thing is to put an ID tag for the collar. Put the new address and your contact number on it. This will ensure that even if your cat tries to run away after moving, it won’t get lost.

In the case when your cat feels and looks stressed at the idea of moving, take it to a vet who will prescribe some antianxiety medicines.

The last step before moving is to ensure that the new home is ready to welcome your cat and has nothing that will harm it.

When moving

On seeing the humdrum around the house, your cat might get little sceptical about what is going on and might try to run away or escape. Therefore, shut it in a room with its food, litter box and all other essentials. Close the windows and ask everyone else not to open the room.

When the packing is done, put the cat in the carrier. Do not put it in the boot of the car. For long journeys, try to keep the car ventilated so that the cat does not stress out.

When you have reached your new home, give time to your cat to explore it. Take some tips form here

In the new home

When you have unpacked all your stuff, let your cat explore the house. Spread all the items that carry its scent, all over the house. This helps the cat settle down quickly. In fact, if you confine your cat to indoors, it will help the cat to establish its territory that it left behind in the old house.


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Also, feed with more love and shower extra attention on your cat. When you get a hint that your cat is doing fine, take it outdoors. Thus, it will adapt to the new place.

In case of anything, do not take off the collar ID. Thus, even if your cat tries to run away, your neighbours or people who find it will bring it back to you.

Now, it may happen that despite all your efforts, your cat may still not be able to adjust itself to its surroundings. It may face constipation, or excessive howling. In those cases, consult your vet. They will guide you the best.

Your cats deserve love and care. Shower them with lots of it and your cat will slowly get accustomed to the new place. Follow the tips here for best results

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