Hypoallergenic Cat Food for Your Allergic Cat

Food allergies make up about 10 percent of all the allergies observed in cats. Moreover, food allergies are said to be the primary cause of scratching and itching in cats. In some case cat discharges become so messy that one has to frequently get an extra large litter box.


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If your suspect your cat is exhibiting certain signs of allergic reactions, there are certain foods that can be given to the cat that can serve to uncover the probable cause of their allergy. There are certain alternatives to cope with the dietary needs of cats that are exhibiting allergic reactions to the foods they take. The pet food market is filled with lots of hypoallergenic foods majority of which posses exclusively hydrolyzed proteins. Such proteins are conked out apart to disable the cat’s immune system from recognizing them as allergy triggers.

The other alternative to feed a cat prone to allergy is in trying different foods that could help in figuring out what might be triggering the allergic reaction. The foods are commonly known as limited ingredient diets are an amazing alternative when dealing with your cat’s food allergy. Majority of the brand name for pet foods include a mixture of various types of grains, proteins among other ingredients. Another important element to consider when dealing with hypoallergic cat is to filter out all other probable aspects such as environment that could trigger the allergy. Cats are naturally clean animals. For that reason, ensure the environment it feed on is clean and get the best automatic cat litter box.


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Limited ingredient pet foods provide great insights into what exactly might be the trigger for the cat’s allergic reaction by filtering out certain ingredients that are most likely suspected. For instance, since each pet food will have one source of protein, if a cat is allergic to chicken, it would be easy to tell because the chicken-only food would provoke the allergy, whereas beef or fish- only foods category would not. This, coupled with the best automatic cat litter box, will give your cat an easy time in coping with the allergy.

  • With all that said, here are a few most common hypoallergenic or limited ingredient pet foods for your allergic cat.
  • Hypoallergenic PD Dry Cat Food- This is a limited ingredient duck-protein food. It is complete with a balanced diet. This food can be used for inflammatory bowel disease, exocrine pancreatic insufficiency and gluten enteropathy.
  • Hydrolyzed protein dry cat food- This food promotes the cat’s urinary health, it contains a single starch source and uses a hydrolyzed soy proteins.
  • Selected proteins PR dry cat food- this is a limited ingredient type that contains a mixture of rabbit meat and peas. It is especially safer for cats that have certain insensitivities. It has a savory flavor.
  • Select protein PR canned cat food- This type also a limited ingredients comprised of rabbit meat and peas. It is also safe for cats with specific sensitivities. It is a delicious wet food that cats love.

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