How Will You Introduce Your New Cat to Your Old One

So you want to get a new pet, but you already have another with established space, a cat condo and even a cat feeder or food dispenser? The transition of your old cat from ‘single child’, to having a mate is probably not going to be the simplest process. But you can make it simpler by considering certain factors and exercising patience.

Introduce the Two Cats Slowly

Cats are not like people. You don’t just send them out and expect them to talk things through, and find common ground. Cats mark territory and can get hostile when any other cat tries to cross the territory. Instead, you should start off by separating the two cats. Give each cat a separate room, a separate cat litter box and a separate feeding bowl.

Since you now have two cats, you might consider buying an automatic cat feeder. Make sure you get a timed automatic cat feeder for 2 cats since you might not have the time to keep feeding your cats. Then you can have play sessions with the two cats. Never let the two cats meet when you are absent since things can get rough.

If there is any aggression between the two cats, you should keep them separated at all times. Open the doors separating the two cats once in a while to see how much their relationship has improved. Always treat the cats if they behave properly. Otherwise, keep them separated till they can calm down. This might take weeks or months depending on the severity of the cats’ relationship.


The Age of Your Old Cat

The age of your old cat matters a lot. It is easier to teach a kitten proper social skills than it is to teach an adult cat. In fact, it is easier to teach a younger cat anything. If possible, you should try to introduce your cat to other cats early in age.

Choose Your New Cat

Don’t just walk into the store and pick any cat that looks like your old cat. Consider what your old cat likes to do. Is your old cat playful? Is it hyperactive? Is it calm and just likes to sit and sleep? Whatever your old cat likes to do, your new cat should be able to participate easily. This will also make it much easier to socialize the two cats.

Breaking up Fights


If you want the relationship between the two cats to improve, you need to know how to break fights without making the situation worse. The way to worsen the situation is by violently breaking up the cats and shouting at them. Cats don’t respond well to this kind of reaction; and it is likely that the cats’ relationship will grow even worse.

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The correct way to break up two fighting cats is by loudly clapping your hands and taking each cat to its room.

You should not let two cats socialize in your absence if you notice any signs of aggression between the two cats. The cats’ posture and eyes should tell you a lot about the extent of aggression between the two cats. They may make a lot of noise and keep staring at each other, but seem to never engage in a real fight. However, it is not safe to leave the two cats alone.

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