How To Train Your Kitten For The Cat Litter Box

Being an efficient and caring pet parent is a tough task. The most important thing is to teach your pets not to litter anywhere. Teaching pets to use a litter box instead of relieving themselves on dirt is not that easy. The tips mentioned in the article would help you to do so.

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[Infographic] How To Train Your Kitten For The Cat Litter Box

Before bringing a cute and lovable kitten to your home make sure that you yourself are fully prepared to do so. Apart from providing good quality food, lots of love and a homely environment, it is also important to teach your kitten the discipline to use a litter box.

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Since the kitten is now a part of your home, it must also follow some basic rules. The most important among them is proper use of litter box instead of relieving anywhere on the floor. The kittens must know how to eliminate and being a pet parent it is your responsibility to teach them.

Most of the kittens intuitively use a litter box however it will be better to avoid a problem instead of dealing with it. Given below are some tips which must be kept in mind.

Kitten Litter Box

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When to train your kitten

Naturally cats eliminate on dirt and sand but few kittens start learning the use of litter box by seeing their mothers. When they are 3 or 4 weeks old they must be taught ways to use a litter box. Hence, the training must start soon after you bring the kitten at home. Take your kitten after meals and place her inside the box. She might come out of the box but keep trying on every probable time she would litter. Even when you see the cat digging on the floor put it inside the litter box.

Make sure that you keep the litter box in a silent place which is also easy to reach. Kittens generally need privacy while relieving themselves. So leave them alone inside the box.

How to teach a small kitten?

Before you bring a kitten home, make sure you have a litter box. You can either choose a litter box from pet store or may also use old cardboards or large plastic containers for this purpose. Choose a larger litter box and prefer having two of them because some kitten might use one for defecating and the other one for urinating.

Kittens are small babies and in the learning process they need to be taught things patiently with love and care.

  • Put the kitten gently inside the box, with her paws start digging so that the kitten realizes the purpose of the box. Keep on showing the digging action repeatedly and let the kitten be comfortable with the box.
  • Be careful about when your kitten wants to eliminate. Once you feel that she wants to do so take her to the litter box.
  • In case the kitten relieves on the floor do not scold. Put the litter inside the litter box to teach her the utility of the litter box.
  • Once the kitten learns the usefulness of litter box, praise it. This will encourage your kitten to keep up the habit.

Other factors which must be considered while litter training your kitten:


Cats prefer quiet and hidden places to litter since they feel safe there so make sure to choose a perfect location for the litter box. Noisy places or people walking near the litter box may disturb the cat and she might get frightened and may also come out of the box.


Choose a location which can easily be accessed by the kittens. Most of the kittens do not like to litter near their food try so avoid this situation. A rubber mat can also be placed near the box so that the kittens can rub off the excrete sticking to their body.

Type and size of the box

There are a variety of litter boxes for kittens which can fit into any corner of your house. Self-cleaning boxes , covered boxes and uncovered ones are few of them. While choosing a perfect box, make sure that the size you choose is according to the size of your kitten.

How To Train Your Kitten For The Cat Litter Box

There are few cats which are more comfortable to eliminate in litter boxes with hoods since they can hide the litter by digging through the box. Nowadays, auto-cleaning litter boxes are also available which do not require special time for cleaning.


Cats are peculiar about cleanliness since they have the habit of digging the ground and covering their own stool. Few cats also relieve themselves inside the litter box instinctively. However, if they don’t know, it is the responsibility of the owner to teach them. With proper care and love you can enjoy good times with your adorable kitten. For more information you may also go through few videos like and you can also check more.

What about an adult cat, let’s see:

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