How to Leash Train Your Pet Cat

Having your cat always lying around the house can be unhealthy for your pet, even if you get it to play with the best cat toys. Your cat needs to walk around outdoors once in a while. Otherwise, it will grow obese, bored and possibly develop weird behavior. So how do you introduce your cat to the outside world? The answer is by leash training.

Leash training is not really easy with cats. At first, your cat is likely to be resistant or appear uncomfortable with the harness.


Introduce the Harness

Just as you would have to be patient to get your pets to use the cat condos and cat litter boxes, you have to slowly introduce them to the experience. To start off, don’t get your cat to wear the leash. Instead, get him to wear the harness. It is important to have the cat wear a harness of the correct size. Equally important is not to introduce the leash too early. This is because most cats get uncomfortable and end up tangled up. This can be very dangerous for your cat.

Originally, you may notice that the cat appears flattened, frozen or even gets violent. This is nothing to worry about. That is just how most cats behave when they first get the leash on their back since they interpret it as a predator, and that is what they do to defend themselves when attacked. If your cat is uncomfortable with the leash and harness, just take it slow. At some point, it may push back against the leash, and this can cause severe injury to your pet.

With time, your cat will get used to having the harness. This is when you can introduce the leash.

Motivate Your Cat

Since walking outdoors is a new experience for your cat, let it move as it wishes. In any case, having a leash is also a new experience for it. You can motivate your cat to take walks with you by giving it human foods cats like before, during and after your walks. This way, your cat will learn to associate the walking sessions with treats, and will always look forward to it. For this trick to work, you will need to save your favorite treats for only when the cat is going for its walks.

When your cat makes any small advances, you should try to praise it and even offer a treat as a reward. If the cat gets scared or seems uncomfortable with the training, don’t force it to participate. You can choose to end the training there and resume the following day.


Check the Door

Once your cat learns of the outside world, it may get urges to keep going out. This can be dangerous for your cat. To prevent this, you can train your cat to only go out when you are with it. When you go out, you can carry it in your arms so it can know you are going out together. If your cat tries to go out on its own, you will need to check the door at all times, just to make sure your cat doesn’t sneak out when you are unaware.

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