How to Keep Your Cat Out of Your Yard

So your cat is adventurous and likes to spend time in your yard? If you want to get your cat out of your yard, you need to find out why it likes to stay in your yard. Then you can either get rid of it, or use one of these methods to get rid of it:


Use a motion activated sprinkler

This is an effective way to get your cat out of your yard. How does it work? By scaring off the cats back to the cat condo, and programming them to learn the boundaries. The sprinkler detects when the cat, or other animal of the same size, gets into your yard. Then it sprinkles water suddenly, scaring the cat away. The water is not meant to hit the cat. Rather, the cat should just get scared and get out of your yard. The reason why this device is so effective is because cats are naturally water phobic. If they understand that there is water in the yard, they should be able to understand that that is not the place they should be.

Such sprinklers may not work during winter, since the weather will freeze the water. You will have to use it before winter, so that the cats are already trained to stay out of your yard by the time winter comes.

Use cat repellent

Cat repellents are found in many stores or on the internet. Cat repellents are effective in defining the territory of a cat. Your cat may be using your yard as the litter box, and this will scare it off into finding an alternative litter box. Alternatively, retrain your cat to use the litter box at home by taking it to the litter box every time after a meal.

Some cat repellents may be poisonous to cats or to children. Make sure you purchase a safe formula for the safety of your cat and your kids.


Use ultrasonic devices

Ultrasonic devices work in much the same way as motion activated sprinklers. However, these do not emit water; instead, they emit extremely unpleasant sounds that cannot be heard by human beings. The sounds will come off suddenly when the cat steps into a territory that the device covers. This sound will irritate the cat into staying out of your yard. After a few repeated experiences, your cat should be able to learn of which areas it should not cross.

Since the ultrasonic devices are not usually meant to cover a real large area, you should make sure the device is positioned around the area where the cat enters the yard. If you can afford several ultrasonic devices, you should place them around the yard so that all the entrance points are covered.

Ultrasonic devices can work all around the year, but are more effective in the warmer seasons. In winter, a device that operates on batteries will have to be replaced too often.

You should also find out why your cat likes to hand around the yard. Maybe you are not giving it enough food, or you are not giving it the best cat food. If this need is met in your yard, you should try to correct that. Some cats also like to use the yard for their litter. In this case, you will need to either provide it with a cat litter box, or clean the one it already has. If you can’t do this all the time, then get an automatic cat litter box instead. A littermaid could also make your cleaning work easier.

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