How To Clean Your Cat’s Litter Boxes

Pet owners must be very careful about cleaning the litter boxes of their cats regularly. The litter boxes of your lovely pet must be clean and bacteria free every time else the pet might get sick. So, if you own a cat, learn how to keep your cat’s litter box clean and maintain a good hygiene at home.

Apart from litter training your cat, it is also important to keep the litter box clean else your cat might stop using the litter box and may relieve herself on furniture or on the floor.

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Clean the litter box on a regular basis

To own a cute and adorable pet requires lots of responsibilities and to clean the litter boxes of your pets is one of the most dreadful works ever. If you cannot tolerate the stinky smell of the litter box, your cat also has the same feeling. Hence, it is really important to clean the litter box for two important reasons. The first reason is a stinky house is not acceptable to anyone and second your pet might fall sick. A dirty litter box is one of the reasons why your pets relieve outside the box. To maintain a proper discipline and to retain the appeal of the litter box make sure that you clean the litter box on a regular basis. Learn the process to properly and safely clean the litter box of your cats to keep your home unsoiled and your pet happy. Videos like below  are also helpful in teaching litter box cleaning techniques.


Ways to clean a litter box

Remember that the excreta and the urine in the litter box might be harmful to the person cleaning the litter box. So follow these steps to clean the litter box without harming yourself.

When to clean the litter box ?

It is important to clean the litter box after every 2 days. If you do not the work this frequently you might need to handle lots of mess together. So, it is better to put on the gloves and keep cleaning eliminate of your pet in short time intervals.

If you neglect the litter box for a long time, the smell might choke your nose and without wearing a mask the job would be impossible. In many cases, it so happens that people are too busy in their own other important jobs and when it comes to cleaning the litter box they keep the work for the next day.  This would create a lot of mess and would turn your house into a stinky dumping yard. So, make a point to take out 20 minutes after every 2 days to clean the litter of your pets.

How to clean ?

Do not forget to put up your gloves and mask while cleaning the litter. A scoop will help you to remove the clumps of excreting in the litter box. Once the feces and urine are completely out of the box you can use an odor killer or vinegar to diminish the stench form that area. However, vinegar has a strong smell which might confuse the pet and would keep the pet from using the area again. So, some mild detergent or baking soda is preferred. Choose the cleaning agent which kills the germs in that area.

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So clean the box, scrub it properly with soap and water and then again add fresh litter in the box. The area near the litter box must also be cleaned since many cats have the tendency to throw their old litter if they find while covering the new eliminates. To prevent such things litter boxes with hoods are also available. The hood in the litter box would prevent you from such dreadful surprises every morning.

What to keep inside the litter box ?


Cleaning the cat litter box

After cleaning the litter box properly lay down hay or an excellent quality litter clumping or even newspaper over the litter box. These things prevent the litter from reeking. You can use a good brand litter from a reputed company for putting in the litter pan. The material to be laid must be changed on a regular basis. Put on your rubber gloves while changing the content of the litter box.


Cleaning the litter box of your pets is not much hard if you know the techniques and clean the box regularly. Make sure you use the accessories while cleaning the box and pregnant women must assign the work to someone else.

Once the work is done put it back to its place. You might see your lovely pet watching you do the entire cleaning and it may also readily help you with the job. For more information on cleaning litter boxes watch TopCatSupplies Youtube Channel

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