How to Calm Your Hyperactive Cat

A hyperactive cat can be a big problem for a cat owner. The cat may wake you up at night with lots of activity and can even engage in dangerous activities. A cat that runs around the kitchen can get itself burned or even electrocuted if left alone. If your cat is hyperactive, you should consider calming it down. Here are some methods to do this:


If your cat is hyperactive, you should consider calming it down

Feed your cat right before you go to bed

Feeding your cat just before bed will ensure that your cat does not wake you up at night with its restless activities. At night, your cat should be too tired already, and giving her some food will make sure that she has some deep sleep at night. You can serve your cats’ food in the cat condos so they can eat and sleep. You can also get an automated feeder to make your work easier. It can also help to feed your cats when you are asleep.

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Play with your pet cat

A hyperactive cat wants to play, and wants to play a lot. Engage your cat in lots of play, and even take it out for walks. This way, your cat will have a healthy and safe way of getting rid of some energy. It’s also a good way to make sure your cat sleeps soundly at night. You can get a cat catcher toy for this purpose.


A hyperactive cat wants to play, and wants to play a lot

Get another cat

You will not be able to play with your cat all the time, of course. You have work to do. That’s why you may need to get your cat a playing mate. Your cat could be hyperactive because of boredom, or because of some fear that it can’t express. Both of these will be solved by having another cat in the house. This can also help your cat use up some of its energy by the time it needs to sleep.

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If you choose to pick this route, make sure you get a cat about the same age as your hyperactive pet. Introduce the two cats to each other slowly, and always check how the cats relate. If the hyperactive cat seems unfriendly to the new cat, you should not leave them together for too long. Instead, separate them and keep monitoring how their relation improves.

Get your cat a scratching post

If your cat is a scratcher, you can get her a scratching post with which she can express her emotions without harming anyone. A cat tree can also help to calm a hyperactive cat. Cats like to climb up trees. If you prefer to keep your cat in the house, you can provide it with a window which stays open even when you are away. The cat can use this to enjoy the view of the outside world. Such activities can help relax your cat.

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Keep in mind that hyperactive cats can be dangerous to themselves, to other cats and to other people. It is best if you understand the nature of your hyperactive cat before you can leave it with other people or other cats. If necessary, you should cut the nails of your hyperactive cat. You can also lock it up large room with good lighting when you are away. Make sure there is nothing in the room that the cat can harm itself with. If you decide to feed your cat to get it to sleep, make sure you don’t overfeed it. Using an automated pet feeder may also necessitate the buying of a pet water fountain to get your cat to drink lots of water.

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