How to Build Your Cat Furniture

As a cat lover we all have that moment when we arrive home be it anytime of day and we find our dear companion having made itself comfortable on the furniture, or to be more precise, on your favorite couch spot. And you have to chase it away no matter how comfortable it was. Well there is a solution to this problem: just build your pets cat condos or cat tree furniture. Aside from furniture for the cat to rest on, you can also build it a scratching post. Getting your pet the best furniture is just as important as getting it the best litter box.

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Building a Climbing Tree for Cats


For its rest, your cat needs a cat tree. Cats like to rest on top of trees, for reasons we don’t know yet. However, we know how you can make your own cat tree. Cat trees are simple to make using wood. Of course, you can also buy a cat tree, but you will have to spend a lot of money on something you would have made yourself for a much smaller amount of money.

First, you have to create a sketch of the cat tree. Depending on how good you are at carpentry, you can adjust the design to make it as simple as you think you can handle. All you need is wood, some nails, a hammer and a hand saw. You will also need a measuring tape to make sure your design of the cat tree is workable.

Then you can cut the wood according to the design on your sketch. Ideally, the cat tree should not be very tall, and should have multiple areas for the cat to perch on. If the tree is too tall and lacks enough areas for the cat to perch on, you could easily end up with a cat hanging from a tree.

Another way of building a cat tree is by using a ladder. A few adjustments to increase the area of the top of the ladder will make it a large cat tree. You can also add a few steps for it to perch on, and make them closer than they are in a normal ladder.

Will the Cat Recognize it as a Cat Tree?


It is likely that the cat will not recognize the cat tree as a place for it to relax. You don’t have to make the cat tree resemble a real tree for this purpose. You just need to train your cat to rest on it and it will end up liking the tree. You can do this using treats. Make a trail of cat treats leading to the top of the tree, and leave some more on top of the tree. The cat is likely to spend some time on it. Since cats like to sleep after they have had a meal, the cat will probably sleep on top of the tree.

If you do this a few times, your cat will get the message that it is its place of resting on. Since cats love sleeping on top of real trees, it should appreciate this tree and should spend a lot of its time on top of it.

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