How to Bottle Feed Your Pet Kitten

It is possible to get into a situation where you have to be the foster parent of a kitten. Maybe the kitten’s mother got its first litter before it was mature enough to go through the stress of motherhood, or is just not there. In this case, it will be up to you as the kitten owner to take care of and feed the kitten. You may be wondering “what can cats eat?” or “how can I feed my pet kitten?”. Proper feeding of the kitten is important since it will ensure that the cat grows up healthy, and does not develop conditions such as cat dandruff. This article will show you exactly how you should go about feeding your kitten.

Preparing the bottle and the milk

Just like human babes, kittens can only digest milk. In the case of cats, the little ones can only take cat’s milk. So if you don’t have a cat to replace the kitten’s mother, you will have to go out and buy cat milk.


You can’t feed the kitten using a food dispenser; you need to use a bottle and a nipple. The bottle for cat milk must be cleaned thoroughly. In fact, it must be sterilized since the kitten’s immune system is still not well developed. For this purpose, you need to boil some water and use it to wash the bottle, and the nipple. Then you can let them cool down before you use them to feed your kitten.

Next, you need to fill the bottle with the formula. Boil the milk to a temperature of about 97 degrees Fahrenheit, roughly the normal body temperature.

Bottle Feeding Your Pet Kitten

Before you start feeding your pet kitten, you have to make sure that the kitten is warm. Feeding a cold kitten can cause stomach upsets. To start feeding your kitten, you need to get seated on a comfortable chair. Place a towel on your lap, and have the kitten sit on your lap with its head facing down.

Without moving the kitten’s head, place the nipple in its mouth and start feeding. The whole feeding process should take about 10 minutes.

When is Feeding Time for Kittens?

In the first week of the kitten’s life, you should feed it every two hours. Then up to the end of the kitten’s first month, you should feed it every three hours. After this period, the kitten can be fed every 6 to 12 hours. Since kittens do not all grow in the same way, the feeding schedule is not fixed for all kittens. Ideally, you should have an expert by your side to offer advice on when to feed the kitten.


What You Need To Remember

You should never over feed a kitten. When bottle feeding, you should only have the right amount of the milk formula for the kitten. It is even better to slightly underfeed your kitten if you are not completely sure of how much your kitten should eat. Another way to go around it is to feed your kitten small amounts of the formula, but spread out in a number of frequent feeding sessions.

If your cat seems disinterested in bottle feeding, you should recheck the bottle. Turn the bottle upside down. The milk should not drip when the bottle is held upside down, but once you press it slightly, it should drip. Also, you can stroke the kitten while feeding it to make it feel safer.

To make sure the kitten gets enough water, you can get a cat drinking fountain. Cats are likely to drink water more if it is flowing in a pet fountain, as opposed to serving it in a bowl.

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