Homemade Shampoo for Cats

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How to Bathe Your Pet Kitten

As a cat owner, you know that your pet likes to get clean on its own in a meticulous manner and at the end of the day they appear to look clean. But as they sneak up and come to snuggle up with us in bed at night, or go to sleep in the cat condos, we always ask ourselves “how clean is it?” Well, you can change all that.

We all know that manufactured cat shampoos are available almost everywhere but at times you want to give your cat that personal touch. Plus it is obviously cheaper as you can choose whether to use the items found around the house or in the natural environment.

First of all identify whether your cat has long fur or short as that will help you judge on the type of shampoo to prepare. You also need to establish whether your pet has cat dandruff. If it does, you will have to go and search for the best shampoo for dandruff.


Cats with short fur

For cats with short fur, you should use dry shampoo. You can make this at home by following this simple procedure.

  • Take oat meal and corn meal in a ration of 1 to 1, and mix them up.
  • Add a small amount of baking soda
  • Add a small amount of corn starch

And there you have your dry shampoo. The corn starch is not really necessary. It only serves to make the cat’s fur shiny. The mixture of oatmeal and corn meal gets rid of any oil that may be on the cat’s fur, and the baking soda gets rid of the smell on the cat’s fur.

Cats with long fur

For cats with long fur, you should use wet shampoo. So how can you make this at home?

Simply take regular kitchen soap and mix it with apple vinegar in equal proportions. Add water to the mixture. The water should be twice the amount of apple vinegar and dish soap. Then you can mix it up and use it to wash your cat. Don’t fall into the temptation to use regular soap to clean your cat up; the soap can be harmful to the cat.

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Should you wash your cat?

It is also important to remember that cats are not meant to be washed all the time. Many cat owners make the mistake of treating their cats like babies. You can tell this by the amount of human food people feed their cats. This should not happen. Cats do a good enough job keeping themselves clean.

However, sometimes your cat can have something on its fur that it can’t clean on its own. This could be oil or any oily substance. That is the time when you will need to get it cleaned up with shampoo. Your cat could also walk into a muddy area or just get seriously dirty and you will need to help it get cleaned up.

If you have owned a cat for long enough, you probably know that cats hate water. If you let it out on a rainy day, it will get back in the house after a few minutes. You should therefore not subject your cat to very frequent bathing sessions. Since you will need to wash it every once in a while, you should also get it used to taking baths early in its life. Of course, you also need to clean the cat litter boxes and kitty condos regularly.

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