The Healthy Kidney Diet for Your Pet Cat

People with cats that have on the recent past been diagnosed with some kind of renal or kidney disease are always on the look for alternatives they can approach to maintain or improve their cat’s lifestyle. It’s non-debatable that providing your cat with an appropriate pet’s diet that is specifically designed for renal disorders is indeed the simplest alternative that impacts positively the cat’s lifestyle. This will also do away with the need to have an extra large litter box for your cat’s waste and probably give an opportunity to buy your cat the best automatic litter box used by normal and healthy cats.

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Just as for human patients, it is essential to first consult with a vetinary prior to changing the cat’s ordinary diet to healthy kidney diet that improves its kidney condition. Some specific kidney conditions necessitate special cat’s diet and usually take precedence over any dietary modification specific to the cat’s kidney disorder. Despite the greater hassles and expenses involved in purchasing most of these prescribed diet foods compared purchasing a regular canned pet food or a an extra large litter box that one uses to feed their cat, vet synonymously argue that they are greatly effective in combating kidney disorders.


The surfacing of these foods in the past few years has left a trail of significant as well as positive impacts on the a vast majority of cats that suffer from renal disease. As a result, their use has become an essential part in the treatment process. On the account of such benefits, it is critical that cat owners understand how providing healthy kidney diet for their pet cats will not only support their most loved cats but will also make life simply since they what have to be on the constant look for the most recent and best automatic litter box.

So how does one find out the healthy kidney diet for their pet cats? First, it is essential to understand that cats suffering from kidney failures are in most cases elderly and normally have dental pains as well as reduced appetite, therefore, it is essential to provide them with diets rich in palatable foods. While it is often easy to be overwhelmed by the vast array of selection to go for when it comes to renal diets, it is worth to bear in mind that the most effective criteria when browsing for a renal diet is whether your cat will eat it.


Some of the most common and available diets include:

  • Hills Prescription Diet Feline K/D- These have minimized levels of high protein quality, added omega-3 fatty acids that will generally improve blood flow to the kidneys, higher levels of anti-oxidants and are highly palatable.
  • Royal canin veterinary diet feline renal (wetted)- DHA, EPA, anti-oxidants and reduced phosphorus for proper management of chronic kidney disorder, trimmed levels of high quality protein, alkalinizing properties for metabolic equilibrium, designed aroma profiles with respect to the cat’s preference, and wet foods to facilitate an improved fluid intakes.

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