Finding The Different Types Of Cat Litter Box

Cats are the most adorable pets and the pet parents must be very careful about every small need of their pets. One important requirement of a cat is a litter box which teaches your pet cleanliness and healthy habits.

There is a large variety of litter boxes available in the market. They come in different shapes and sizes. Choosing a litter box which meets all the requirements of your lovely pet can be a bit tricky. Every cat has their personal preferences to use a litter box.

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While choosing a perfect litter box for your cat, keep in mind the following criteria:

  • Size

Litter boxes are available in various sizes which can fit in any corner of the room. However, it has been seen that large sized litter boxes are more comfortable for your pets.

  • Colors

Beautiful and attractive colored litter boxes are there which can blend with the décor of your room. The beautiful designs and the great look of the boxes makes your room look beautiful.

  • Hood

Cats prefer to eliminate in private areas, litter boxes with hoods are perfect for them. They not only give your cat a private space but also avoid any accidental spread of litter.

  • Cleaning Mechanisms

Keeping in mind the dreadful procedure of cleaning the litter boxes, many of them are available with self and auto cleaning mechanisms. Pet parents can choose any as per their requirements.

  • Litter

The litter to be kept inside the boxes must also be given importance. Choose the litter of good material and texture so that your cat feels comfortable to eliminate herself.

Different Types of Litter Boxes

  • Simple Basic Litter Box

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A simple litter box is preferred by many. They do not involve any mechanism and are easy to clean. These boxes are not so expensive and are very comfortable for cats also.

They are ideal for kittens. However, at times your kitten might kick out the litter and may dirty the floor. If you don’t mind cleaning the floor at times, this one is perfect for you.

  • A litter box with rim

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The litter boxes with rims are a bit expensive from the basic ones. The rim prevents the litter from spreading on the floor.

Hence, in case your cat becomes enthusiastic and kicks the litter, the rim avoids it from being spread.

  • Covered Litter Box

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Covered Litter Boxes are ideal for those cats who have the habit of spreading the litter over the floor. The cover of the box prevents the litter to spread over the floor.

These litter boxes are perfect for the cats who love privacy. While there are some of them who feel restricted or trapped inside the litter box.

The covered litter boxes also traps the odor. However, it is difficult to clean them. The pet owners must also clean these boxes on a regular basis to keep their kitten healthy and happy.

  • Self-Cleaning Litter Boxes

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If you want to stay away from the dreadful work of cleaning the litter of your pet, there are litter boxes with self-cleaning mechanisms. They are special litter boxes powered with electricity to clean the wastes.

A motion sensor in the litter box starts cleaning it the moment the cat leaves something in the litter box. It consists of a rake which cleans away the poop and the urine of the cat. All the waste is collected by the box in a receptacle.

  • Boxes with special designs

Litter boxes are available in unique and special designs which blend with the décor of the house. They are specially designed in accordance with the color and furniture present in the room and fits well into your room.

Many litter boxes are available in the shape of pots and tables which looks beautiful if kept in the room and also fulfills the purpose well.

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All pet parents must be careful about all the needs of their pets. Few cats are comfortable to eliminate in a single box while many of them need separate boxes for solid and liquid excreta. Choose the boxes according to their comfort and convenience.

The boxes must be regularly cleaned to encourage the good habit of using the litter box among your pets. If you cannot dedicate time in cleaning the litter box you must go for litter boxes with auto-cleaning mechanisms.

Options are many. It is up to the pet parents to choose the most appropriate one from the list. For more information on this topic watch

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