Do Not Commit the Top 10 Mistakes Cat Owners Make

1. Failing to Groom The Cat

Cats keep themselves clean. However, you will need to clip its nails once in a while, brush its fur, and even bathe it. In addition to keeping your cat looking good, this will also help prevent cat dandruff.

2. Not Keeping the Litter Box Clean


In other cases, the cat knows exactly how to use the litter box, but ends up making the house dirty anyway. The cat may be sick or growing old. If these two are ruled out, the owner is to blame. Possibly, the litter box is rarely cleaned. The litter box may also be positioned too far. If you have trouble doing this, you can buy a self clean litter box instead. There are other options available that make it much easier to keep the cat litter box clean. You can check out for automatic cat litter boxes and cat genie reviews online to find one that can suit your needs.

How To Clean Your Cat’s Litter Boxes

3. Getting Harsh With the Pet

It is true that cats are not always the easiest pets to deal with. Cats can get noisy, make the house dirty and even engage in cat fights. But shouting at your cat is not going to solve the problem or even reduce the severity of the problem. Instead, you should reward the cat for good behavior.

4. Using Drugs Meant For People

Drugs meant for people, are meant for people. Using the drugs on cats can even result in the death of your pet.

5. Letting Their Cats Grow Obese

Many cat owners over feed their cats and don’t engage them in enough exercise. This makes the cats grow obese, and the cat is more likely to develop heart disease, and other lifestyle diseases.

6. Not Training the Cats Early

Training your kittens is important. Adult cats are harder to teach. When young, you should leash train your cat, get it used to you grooming it, and even bathing it. Training your cat on good behavior revolves around positive reinforcement. Reward it for good behavior by giving it treats and praise.

7. Feeding the Cats on Human Foods


Cats eat most of the food meant for people. However, not all foods eaten by people are safe for cats. For example, while people can eat chocolate and stay healthy, cats can die when they have more than a certain amount of chocolate. Some fruits are also poisonous for cats. You will need to do some research to find out the human foods that cats can eat.

8. Not Training the Cat to Use the Cat Litter box

Many cats end up not using the cat litter box. For some, this is because the owner did not take the time to train the cat to use the litter box. Yes, cats aren’t born with the natural instinct to use the litter box.

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9. Not Taking the Cat for Walks

Cats are not meant to live indoors. While the outside world may be dangerous for your cat, keeping it indoor all the time can make it grow obese. The cat’s behavior can also be messed up because of staying indoors for too long.

10. Not Brushing Your Cat’s Teeth

It is not always necessary to brush the teeth of your feline. However, the cat can develop dental diseases just like people. If a cat develops bad breath, then it is time to start thinking of brushing the cat’s teeth. Cat owners also make the common mistake of using tooth paste meant for human beings.

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