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8 Cool And Trendy Ideas To Build Wall Shelves For Your Cats

Photo credit: Catsters are highly renowned in making their houses more and more cat friendly. And for that they can go to any level. This article brings some real cool wall shelf ideas for your cat. Moreover these stuffs are going to jazz up your interior decoration. Quick Tip Recycled cardboard can be used […]

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Creative Ideas To DIY Your Homemade Cat Toys

Since cats are so famous for throwing around tantrums, people have a notion that they are very high maintenance and will rip off the owner. Contrary to that, in reality, cats are the most low maintenance beings and will live even in a simple cardboard box. Here are some creative DIY ideas for cat toys. […]

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DIY- How To Build A Cat Litter Box

Cats make our family complete. There is nothing better than cuddling with your cute little kitty on a wintry night. They make us feel safe and comfortable. However, the other side of the coin can be a little too intimidating at times. The part where you have to clean up the litter is disliked by […]

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