DIY- How To Build A Cat Litter Box

Cats make our family complete. There is nothing better than cuddling with your cute little kitty on a wintry night. They make us feel safe and comfortable. However, the other side of the coin can be a little too intimidating at times. The part where you have to clean up the litter is disliked by many. Plus, even if you find the best cat litter box, you can never be sure if your cat will like it or not.

The best solution to this problem is making your own custom cat litter box. You better know what your fluffy likes and therefore, can never go wrong with it. Plus, as you know, no commercial cat litter box can suit 100 percent to your kitty. Therefore, the safest bet is making your own cat litter box. Thus, not only you will give your pet the place she loves, but also save some bucks for yourself. You can also choose to style it in your own manner. Just let your creativity flow.

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Basic Plastic Litter Box

The most common problem with a cat owner is that the store-bought boxes they get are too shallow. These are such that the litter can easily get scattered. The kitty can throw stuff on the outsides and sometimes, when doing its business, aim the wrong place, thereby dirtying the floor. No more worries. Just by using a few things, you can put an end to this misery.

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Things you need:

  • Large plastic container which will serve as the litter box
  • Exacto knife or heavy-duty scissors that will be used to cut the entry
  • Sandpaper to remove any sharp edges
  • Cardboard that will be put to use as the template
  • Standard litter box for ease of cleaning. This is an optional stuff, though.

If you use a standard litter box inside the plastic bin, it makes the cleaning process super easy. However, as already mentioned, this is just an optional step.

Now, we move on to constructing a litter box. For most cats, an opening of 7 inches is fine. However, for heavier cats, you can adjust the sizing according to your needs. First of all, cut out a rectangular shape from a cardboard. Put it one end of the plastic bin and 4 inches from the bottom. Mark the boundary. Cut.

For sharp edges, using a sandpaper smoothen the sharp points. Thus, your kitty won’t get hurt when entering or leaving the box. To clean the litter box, just dump the litter and wash it well. If you need, you can put a litter box at the bottom.

Hidden Litter Box

You would agree that a litter box is not a very fancy thing. There is nothing in it that will add to the décor of your home. So what are your options? A hidden litter box, of course!

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Things you need:

  • A simple wooden floor cabinet which will be used to hide the box
  • A plastic bin or a standard litter box to put in the cabinet
  • Handheld saw to cut the entrances
  • Sandpaper to smoothen the edges
  • Weather stripping tape to cover the edges of the hole

Now, you can customise the box as per your requirements. You can get some L brackets and wire storage drawer or even a basket to add to the looks of it.

Next comes assembling the cabinet. Decide the entrance. Cut out a square near the middle. The size depends on your cat but 7 inches goes well with most of the kitties. Using a sandpaper, smooth the edges. You can add some weather stripping too for added protection. Put the litter box in the cabinet, close the doors and let the kitty do its job.

Now, you can customise the box also. We all know how difficult it is to clean the litter that is all over the floor. Therefore, adding L brackets ensures that does not happen. Wire cutters can be used to clip the ends of the wire basket. Put the wire drawer on the L brackets above the litter box. Now, your kitty just needs to walk across the wire to enter and exit. So litter falls off from the paws back into the box. Check out this video to know more :

Thus, we saw two different and ingenious ideas to make litter boxes of your own at your home. These can be implemented by even a novice. Additionally, you can make your own customizations also. And a happy cat means happy you! 

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