Creative Ideas To DIY Your Homemade Cat Toys

Since cats are so famous for throwing around tantrums, people have a notion that they are very high maintenance and will rip off the owner. Contrary to that, in reality, cats are the most low maintenance beings and will live even in a simple cardboard box. Here are some creative DIY ideas for cat toys. You can check this link too



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As already mentioned, cats will live even in a carboard box. In fact, you can say, they are made for each other. We don’t know why, but cats will do anything for a box. Cats will do anything to stuff themselves inside a box. They can also use them as scratch pads or as beds.

You can make a nice fortress for your pet. If you have got spare boxes, just stack them up in a perch. This will keep your cat involved for hours.

Nip mice


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If you can knit, make a nip mouse for your cat.

Make a hat shape and stuff in rugs. Then, add some dried catnip on it. You can then sew or glue the ends so that it looks like a mouse. If your cat likes this, it will be good time pass for them. Plus, these look really good.

Sock puppets


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If you are knitting, why stop at mice. Use some spare socks to make sock puppets. Get some socks and stuffing materials. Stuff inside the socks and sew it. Add some dried catnip. Add eyes, hair and whatever you want to in the toy to make it more realistic.

Scratching post


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Admit it, all cats love to scratch. So get a scratch post installed so that its urge to keep scratching is vented out on the toys and not on your furniture and your skin.

You will need just a wooden log, enough long so that the cat can stand on the hind legs and use it comfortably.

Choosing a Scratching Post for Your Cat



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Some may not like it, but most cats like to play with balls. They even include their owners in the game. To add a touch of appeal, wrap it up in wool. It can act as a scratching toy as well.



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Cats are a big fan of feathers. This is because they have a wild side of hunting birds. So take some feathers and glue them to a string. Hand it up and just watch the fun.



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Cats get amazed by ribbons and streamers. However, if you want to take the fun to a new level, you can tie a long ribbon to the ceiling fan and switch it on at the lowest speed. Watch your cat go gaga.

However, make sure you remove the ribbon when done, otherwise your cat will get caught up in the ribbon and this can lead to disastrous results.



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Not just boxes, cats will try to get in whatever container they find. They will curl up anywhere, sink, bowls, boxes, and what not. It is like it is the purpose of their lives. So just increase the number of containers and let your cat stay in happiness.

Paper bags


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Cats love hiding, and this is why they are found in paper bags also. They will just hide there and wait for you to find them.

Other items


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Nature lovers


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Not just toys, cats also love nature. Catnip plants make themhappy. And so you should grow the herb in the home instead of buying it. Cats love to spend time around it, but keep a check that they do not destroy the plant.



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Remember as a kid when you used to blindly stare outside your window and enjoy the serenity of it? Well, your cats are just the same. They like to gaze outside the windows for hours. If your window sill is narrow, add some wooden plank so that it can sit on it. However, keep the screen closed else it will try to jump off. Yes, they are that naughty!


As seen from the types of things your cat loves to play with, they do not demand a lot from you. They are quite down to earth and will play with almost anything. They just like to mark a territory and that’s it. Check this for more ideas  However, whatever toy you give them, make sure they aren’t allergic to the materials. You will be happy when your cat will be happy!

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