Choosing a Scratching Post for Your Cat

Scratching is important for many cats. It is as natural an urge in cats as stretching is to human beings. For cats, scratching helps to trim their claws or remove old material from under them. However, it is not normal behavior for cats to scratch themselves. This could mean that the pet has cat dandruff.

Normally, you may find your cat scratching your expensive piece of furniture or even the cat condos. If that is the case, you will need to get on your feet and start looking for a scratching post. A scratching post is basically a wooden post covered with some rough material mounted vertically so as to support the stretching of the cat.

How to Build Your Cat Furniture

There are basically three essentials in the choosing of a scratching post for your pet cat

1. Appeal

The scratching post for your cat should be able to appease the cat, and serve its needs. Otherwise, it might just resort back to scratching your couch or curtain and the post will just remain in a corner somewhere gathering dust. Big question now is “what is appealing to my cat?” Well, the answer to that lies in your observation skills. Feel the material on which your cat likes to scratch upon. Its texture will help you determine the material to use on your scratching post that will appeal to the feline.


2. Tall and sturdy

You should make or buy large cat furniture to entice your cat to use it for scratching. Many cats will ignore the scratching post if it is not tall and sturdy, and you will have the same old problem of your cat scratching your furniture and kitty condos. The post should be tall enough to allow the feline to stretch vertically as this will be better for it. The reason for this is that it will be able to unwind its muscles and obtain a full body stretch. It should also be sturdy (firm and stable), so that whenever the cat does its scratching, it is able to lean its full body weight on it without the post toppling over.


3. The Location

The ultimate selling point of the scratching post is the positioning. For the post to appeal to the cat, it should be located in a convenient location in the house or wherever the cat is being housed. First you are put to task to again observe the behavior and routine of your cat. At what point does it go to scratch itself? Is it right after basking in the sun, a nap or after a meal? Observing the location where the cat likes to scratch will help you determine the ideal location of the scratching post.


If these three steps are not followed, the scratching post will prove to be useless to the cat. An alternative to the scratching post is for you to train the kitten on which surface to scratch itself. In the event that you have several cats, my suggestion would be to provide multiple number of scratching posts.

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