Cat Mate Bowl Feeder Pack Review


If you have a cat at home, then you understand the struggle of feeding a pet. Part of the point in having a pet is taking care of it, and that mostly involves feeding it. However, you might not always be available to feed your cat, and might even have plans to stay out for the whole day and maybe even night. Unless you are able to take your little cat with you, you will have to find a way to have it fed throughout the period.

Cat Mate Bowl Feeder solves this problem for you. Whether you just want to have a good night without your cat bothering you to feed her, or are leaving home for some time, this auto cat feeder is here to help you out.

Product Description

The Cat Mate Bowl Feeder is an automatic pet feeder that can deliver food to your pet once or twice in a day. In other words, you will program the feeder to feed your pet in two meals or just a single one every day. The unit has two large feeding bowls, each holding 450 grams of cat food. The compartments open up at prescheduled periods, and each one works independently. The unit can uniquely hold wet cat food for long periods of time. This is because it comes with two ice packs that are positioned directly below the two compartments to keep the food cool. The ice packs come with the unit. Alternatively, you can purchase ice packs from a third party, and this option might even help you save some money.

The unit comes with dishwasher free parts, meaning you can easily wash them using your dishwasher. The unit is also quite stable since the design features a wide base, and a small height. With a little modification, you can get the feeder to be so stable that even your most determined cat will not be able to push it around.

The two quartz timers that operate the unit use one AA battery, and a single battery can last you a whole year. With this unit, you simply have to set the number of hours after which you want the compartment to open so that the cat can have its meal. For example, if the time now is 5 am, and you want the first compartment to open at 12 noon, you will set it to open after 6 hours. In other words, it is more like a stop clock that counts down the time to the next meal. It is therefore just a simple programming task.

Each compartment uses its own timer, and they work independent of each other. You have to program the timers every time you refill the compartments with cat food.


  • You can use this feeder to automatically feed your cat on wet food. The wet food is kept fresh for longer using the ice blocks.
  • It is a quality product, made by a quality company, and you can therefore rest assured that your cat got its next meal.
  • The unit is well designed, meaning that your hungry cat cannot easily access food in the compartments before its programmed meal times.
  • The batteries used to run the quartz timer last for very long. You will have to replace them after a long period of use.


  • The ice blocks will easily attain room temperature during summer, and your food won’t stay fresh for more than 48 hours.
  • The model is quite expensive.
  • Since the model uses analog timers, it is not very accurate in its timing. With that said, its accuracy will be within the hour.
  • The model can only feed one or two meals to your cat since it only has two compartments.
  • The model can easily be broken into, especially if your cat is relentless and greedy. If you have strong, determined and intelligent cats in your house, this pet feeder will most probably not work for you. After a few trials, your cat is bound to get into the compartments and get to the food before the scheduled feeding times. Higher models will therefore work better.


The ice packs will not always last for long. It is therefore a good idea to use this feeder to feed your cat in the short time, for example, within the day.

Although the unit cannot be easily turned upside down, it is light in weight and a strong and determined cat can mess it up as it searches for food. A good idea here would be to have the feeder held in place by a piece of wood. You could attach it to a wall or to the ground, depending on your preference. Otherwise, it shouldn’t surprise you when the cat throws it around the house and damages it to a point that it becomes useless.

If you have more than one cat, this unit might cause trouble in your house hold, especially if your cats have some rivalry between them. Ideally, you could buy two similar units, one for each cat. Also, you will find it helpful to have each cat eat in its own separate place instead of eating next to each other. Otherwise, one of your cats might starve.

When you first use the unit, make sure you use fresh batteries; otherwise, it may fail to work. Also, once you are done fixing the battery, remember to push the button to start. It is not very obvious when the timer starts working, but you can try it out first before you use it to feed your pet. If it works, then your battery is functional and you have successfully set up the feeder.


This model is not perfect, but it is still among the best auto cat feeder for wet cat food. If you simply want to feed your cats during the day or night, then this automatic feeder should work perfectly for you.

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