How to Care for and Brush Your Long Haired Cat

Cats like to stay clean and neat, whether they have long hair or short hair. In addition to cleaning the cat condo and cat litter box, you also need to make sure your cat looks clean and neat. In many ways, cats keep themselves clean every day. However, as the cat owner, you can help you cat stay neat in many ways. Doing this will also help to control cat dandruff in your pet.

Brushing Your Cat’s Hair

Brushing the fur of a long haired cat is not as complex as it seems. You just have to be extra gentle with it. Use a soft brush for this purpose.

Cat loves being brushed

Cat loves being brushed

At first, you may notice that your cat is not as excited or happy to get its fur brushed. Adult cats can even get violent when anyone attempts to brush their fur. However, given some time, the cat will learn to accept the fur brushing sessions. To get it to love being brushed, you need to treat your cat before brushing its fur. To make this treat even more effective, restrict it to only the times when the cat is being brushed. This will make the cat learn to associate the brushing of its fur with treats, and will therefore make it look forward to getting its fur brushed.

So how should you brush the fur of your long haired feline pet?

Start with a wider brush to get rid of old fur that is already falling off. Then you can use a finer brush to get the fur to lay in one direction. This direction should always be the one where the fur naturally lies. Of course, the cat’s fur is not supposed to lie flat; it will just be lying in one direction.

You should brush the whole of the cat’s body, including the belly and chest. Some cats are shy when lying upside down, so you might want to check that there are no other cats in the room. The cat may stop cooperating when it spots another cat in the area. With the belly and chest, try to be extra careful and gentle. Cats are extra sensitive in those spots and a little roughness will hurt.


A Bath For Your Pet?

Cats clean themselves up. However, once in a while you might want to take your cat to the shower. Again, the cat is unlikely to be happy with this when you first do it. But cat behavior can be repaired quite simply. It is best when you teach your pets to take baths when they are still young. As adults, the cats are less ready to learn new behavior.

To make your cat appreciate the showers, always make sure the water is just warm. Use cat shampoo since other products might be dangerous for to pet. It would be best to use a hose, and start from the head down to the tail of the cat. But don’t sprinkle water on the head of the cat since you could get the dangerous chemicals in the eye of the cat.

Homemade Shampoo for Cats

Once you are done, you can dry the cat using a towel. Instead of rubbing the towel against the fur of the cat, you should just tap it till its dry.

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