The 10 Best Self Cleaning Litter Box 2017 and Ultimate Guide

As a kid, I used to be in love with the idea of having pets, but when I finally managed to own my first cat, I was struck by the reality. Dude, it was such a mess! It kept littering my floor, dirtying the bed and such places that I cannot even put my hands in to clean. My life went topsy-turvy and I went from a happy woman to a crazy sulky one.

Then my friend introduced me to this best self-cleaning cat litter box and I went like “Does this thing even exists ?” She said yes, and I immediately got one. Though the first investment did not satisfy me entirely, but it did reduce a lot of my agony. Then, as the cat family grew,  I went on to experiment and bought different best automatic litter box for different cats.

As a cat owner, I know what you all face every day. So I decided to pen down my experience so that you don’t face what I went through.

Whether you are searching for the best auto litter boxes on the market today, or you are looking for an inexpensive box to prevent litter from scattering throughout your house, there are plenty of great choices. If you’re a true ailurophile, read on to find out the best litter box solution for your feline friend. Here is a review of the best self-cleaning litter boxes of 2016.

#1. Litter-Robot III Open-Air - Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Box

If you’re tired of scooping the litter box in your time off, this is one of the best automatic litter boxes available today. This box features a sensor which detects when your cats are present. After they finish with their business, the globe rotates to tidy up the mess. Soiled litter goes into a standard kitchen bag in the drawer. There are no fancy liners to buy, and you can spend less time scooping and more time relaxing.

  • This self cleaning litter box takes the hassle out of cat care​
  • Unique rotating globe is a stylish component of the cleaning mechanism
  • Controls odor
  • Great for small to medium sized cats
  • Good for multiple-cat households
  • Works with clumping litter

#2. ScoopFree Self Cleaning Litter Box

If you’d rather spend time cuddling with your kitty than cleaning up their mess, this automated cat litter box is for you. The ScoopFree uses a special disposable tray of blue crystal litter. This specialized litter dehydrates waste and eliminates odor. Solid waste is raked away after twenty minutes. The trays last for several weeks depending on the number of pets in your home, and when it is time to change litter, you simply remove and discard the entire tray. There’s no need to fiddle with special liners or bags. Just use a replacement cartridge, and you’ll be snuggling with your feline in no time.

  • Perfect for homes with multiple cats
  • One of the best self cleaning cat litter boxes on the market
  • Spacious box is good for large cats
  • Special crystal litter minimizes litter box odors for weeks

#3. Good Pet Stuff Company Hidden Cat Litter Box

If you find the litter box to be an unsightly necessity in your home, then this may be the solution. This litter box is cleverly disguised as a terra cotta pot. It even comes with a plant for the top. The generous opening allows easy access for even the largest of cats, and it makes it easy to clean. Help your cat release its inner tiger: make it feel like it is doing its business in the jungle.

  • Doesn’t require special litter
  • Great for large cats
  • Made of easy-to-clean and surable polypropylene
  • Ideal for multi-cat households
  • Aesthetically pleasing option

#4. Nature's Miracle Advanced Corner Hooded Cat Litter Box

Whether your feline likes its privacy, or you like to keep the litter box inconspicuous, this corner litter box may be just the thing for you. It has a charcoal filter in the vent to minimize odors, and its surface is coated with an antimicrobial that keeps germs at bay while preventing litter from sticking to the sides. While this doesn’t have the convenience of automatic litter boxes, it does provide similar odor control on a budget. Taking the hood off for cleaning is simple and hassle-free. This is a great option for cats who tend to misjudge the dimensions of their litter box. The hooded design contains the mess, and it keeps your cat’s bathroom discrete.

  • Great for small spaces
  • Can use any litter
  • Tucks neatly into a corner
  • Spacious enough for multiple cats or a large cat

#5. Tidy Cats Cat Litter, Breeze, Litter Box Kit System, 1 Kit

This litter box system contains everything that you need to set up a new cat bathroom. Considering the cost of buying a box, scooper, pellets, and pads separately, the kit is certainly the way to go if you want to give this system a try. The litter is designed to allow urine to drain onto a pad, which neutralizes odors for up to a month. While the pellet litter may take some getting used to for the uninitiated, after a few days cats adjust to the new litter. While you will need to scoop solid waste, which is not easily buried in the pellets, urine is automatically removed. This is an excellent electricity-free take on the automatic litter box.

  • Outstanding odor control
  • Requires special pellet litter
  • Recommend multiple boxes for multiple pets
  • No electricity required

#6. Cat Litter Box - High Sided Lid - Open Top Entry - By Two Meows

Does your cat become over-zealous when burying a mess? If you’re tired of tracking litter all over your house, this high-sided box by Two Meows may be the perfect box for your home. The scatter guard keeps litter in while allowing even the most claustrophobic cats an open-air experience. The large size not only leaves plenty of room for bigger breeds or multiple cats, but it also provides more room for the cat to dig without making a mess.

  • Open top for cats who don’t like hooded varieties
  • Veterinarian approved
  • Works with a litter of your choosing
  • ​Large tray for big cats and multiple cat households

#7. Omega Paw Self-Cleaning Litter Box, Regular, Taupe

If you’ve seen the fancy $500 self-cleaning litter boxes, but that price point simply doesn’t suit you, then the Omega Paw may be the perfect budget-friendly option. Rather than rely on electricity and fancy pan liners, it works by employing a genius design. This litter box looks like a regular hooded box to your cat, and it boasts similar odor and dust controlling benefits, but when it comes to cleaning, this one is a breeze. Simply roll the litter box, and the internal design separates clean and dirty litter. You no longer have to sift through your cat’s box. This is quick and easy to use, and the built in scooper collects the waste litter. While this is not a 100% automatic cat litter box, the gentle rolling action is a big time-saver compared to digging through litter yourself.

  • Use clumping litter to reap the benefits of the design
  • Gives you all the benefits of an automated litter box on a budget
  • ​No need for a power source like other automated litter boxes
  • Best for small to medium cats

#8. Omega Paw Pewter Self-Cleaning Litter Box

Have you ever felt the urge to do away with the inconvenience of scooping a cat box only to find that most automatic litter boxes cost an arm and a leg? This self-cleaning solution gives you all the benefits without the hefty price tag. Simply roll the box, and it separates soiled and clean litter. Soiled litter falls into a built in scooper, which serves as a collection tray for waste litter. Pull out the scoop, dump it, and replace it. Say goodbye to the onerous task of sifting through you cat’s box.

  • Use clumping litter
  • No electricity required
  • ​Hooded design controls odor and messes
  • Comes in multiple sizes to suit the needs of your cat and household

#9. Hagen CatIt Hooded Cat Litter Box

This one is for the cats that like their privacy and enjoy scattering litter across your floor. This spacious hooded litter box is ideal for large cats or multiple cats. A carbon filter keeps odors to a minimum. The large opening at the front of the box makes it easy to clean, but you can easily remove the hood to gain complete access. This is a low-priced item that is sure to keep your feline’s bathroom habits discrete.

  • Perfect for large cats
  • Excellent for multiple cat households
  • ​Odor minimizing carbon-filter
  • Can use a litter of your choice in this box

#10. IRIS Open Top Litter Box with Shield and Scoop

In terms of price point, the IRIS Open Top Litter Box can’t be beaten. Coming it at under $10, this box even comes with a matching litter scoop. This is a great box for cats who tend to accidentally pee outside the target area, and for accomplished diggers. Rather than waste time sweeping up litter crumbles or mopping up an odoriferous moat, spend time doing the things you enjoy. This box is not only easy to clean and effective at its job, but you won’t have to work overtime to buy it.

  • Best budget item
  • Can use a litter of your choice
  • ​Best with small to medium-sized cats
  • Tall guard to prevent messes

Are You Looking For The Benefits of Best Cat Litter Box?

Having seen the various and the best cat litter boxes available, it might be evident to you that this stuff makes your lives quite easy. Your cat also loves you more and your home stays clean and healthy. The odor stays away and your life becomes better. However, there is more to it. You will find various benefits of best cat litter box on the internet, but I am going to tell you how owning the best cat litter box changed my life to better.

  • You never need to pick up that litter again

I know. I have been there. Cleaning the litter by my own hands is something that I could never imagine doing. Yet I was forced to do the same. My cats were very naughty and would go hide in the corners and dirty them. Getting a litter box was the best decision that I could make.

Now, not only have my cats learnt not to dirty the home but also I don’t have to touch the waste with my hands. My wardrobe stays clean and there is no litter around the house.

  • It is as easy as taking out garbage

Normally if you cleaned the litter, it would mean facing all the odor, the nastiness and what not. I have seen my friends puking at the pungent smell. But with the best cat litter box, things have changed drastically. Now, it is just like I am taking out the garbage. And life is set!

There is no need to face the odor. The house also does not stink anymore. Things are good and the air stays fresh no matter how many cats I have dirtying their boxes.

  • Get away from the home without worrying about the litter

You might need to get away for the weekend or even a couple of days due to work. Well, of course, you cannot carry your cat everywhere. It is not possible for everyone. I have so much of luggage, and I don’t own one cat which I can take with me always. My cat family is larger than my own. So of course, I need to leave them at home.

These benefits of best cat litter boxes have helped me to stop worrying about all the waste matter. The ones that I have are automatic, so I don’t need to be there to manually clean it. The sensors start the cleaning cycle on their own without any intervention. This is really helpful. Even after getting back home after a couple of days, the home still feels and smells fresh. The litter boxes self-clean and there is no litter around.

  • You never need to pick up that litter again

I know. I have been there. Cleaning the litter by my own hands is something that I could never imagine doing. Yet I was forced to do the same. My cats were very naughty and would go hide in the corners and dirty them. Getting a litter box was the best decision that I could make.Now, not only have my cats learnt not to dirty the home but also I don’t have to touch the waste with my hands. My wardrobe stays clean and there is no litter around the house.

  • No more odor

Well, this has been quite a relief for me in this regard. The cat smell started to make me sick after a couple of days. Getting the best cat litter box has really helped me a lot. Now there is no odor and I can breathe fine.

Plus, there is no discomfort to any visitors. They come to know that there is a cat in the household only when one of the purrs or crosses by. Earlier, the entire room reeked of cats. And now, things are just fine.

  • Happy cat

If your cat gets a custom place to litter, and it loves it, it is going to eventually love you as well. So yay! I have seen my cats cuddling me even more after they got a litter box. If your cat is happy, you will be happy.

Points To Look For While Buying The Best Cat Litter Box

As easy the best cat litter boxes make your life, there are few things you should check before buying one. You obviously don’t want that you spend so much for your cat and she rejects the gift. Or worse, is unable to use it. Don’t worry, we got it all sorted for you. Here are a few points to look for while buying the best cat litter box.

  • Know your cat

No, I don’t mean the nature, but how it does its stuff. If your cat pees horizontally, then don’t buy a low walls box. Use something that has a big and rotating litter box.

If your cat is a kicker, again, you need a deep box. Shallow boxes will splutter all the feces around. Use one with good depth or an enclosed type.

If your cat is old, chances are she will resist any changes in her lifestyle. So, it is recommended that you don’t take a risk in that regard.

  • Type of box

Decide what type of box you need. If you got your cat from another owner, find out which type of box they used. Your cat should be familiar with the box, else you will have to train it. Now, the size is important. Know and admit it that your cat is going to grow full size. So get a box accordingly. Don’t get a small one which your cat will outgrow in months.

Also, your box should be accessible. The uncovered box should have low sides so that your cat can climb in and out of it easily. Remember, if your cat has to stress itself, it won’t probably use it.

  • Features provided in the box

The technology of today is so radical that it has night lights also for your cat. But what if your cat is sensitive to it? What if it is extremely shy? These boxes have a lot of things in them. Therefore, it is necessary that you check all the features and then decide depending on what you actually need and what your cat will really want.

Types of Best Cat Litter Box in the Market Today

When I started off, there weren’t many options available. I was stuck with the simplest cat litter box. However, with times, I saw the changes happen and I also realised that not all cats are going to like the same litter box. Let me tell you, these cats are very picky about everything. If they want, they will accept your special gift. If they don’t like it, they won’t even look at it. Yes, experience talks!

So here are the best types that I found my cats to live their lives with.

  • Open Top Litter Box
Open Top Litter Box

These are the simplest litter boxes of all. An open top litter box is an economical solution for your cat’s needs. You will get a fuss-free maintenance option. If your cat is very much concerned about its privacy, as one of my cats, you should not get this. But yeah, most of my cats were cool enough with it.

If you wish to, you can go ahead and experiment with this style. You will get a high sided litter box that can store more litter and even prevent them from spilling. You can get a scoop as well for easy clean up, but if you aren’t happy with this type, there is more in the store to look for.

  • Covered Litter Box
Covered Litter Box

The problem with open top litter boxes is the odor. Why would you like to stay with such strong odor all day long? Trust me, I have dealt with it for quite some time and will not do it ever again. These also keep all the clutter at one place and there is no risk of it scattering around.

Another benefit of having a covered litter box is that if your cat likes its own privacy, it is going to love the gift. However, take care of the indoor size. You don’t want your cat to feel suffocated inside. Plus, since the entire odor stays inside, you will have to clean it out on a regular basis.

  • Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Box
Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Box

If you ladies are anywhere like me, you are going to love it. Although the amount is a little hefty, but it is definitely worth it. You don’t need to touch, see or smell any feces. When your cat is done with the stuff, the light scented crystals absorb the moisture and the automatic rake attached to it pushes the waste outside, sweeping it all out.

All you got to do is replace the disposable tray every few weeks, and you will have no worries for the next few weeks. An automatic self cleaning litter box usually has a covered trap which locks all the odor inside. Hence, you won’t even know and your cat will be done with its daily chores.

  • Hidden Litter Box
Hidden Litter Box

This is a special type of litter box which won’t let your visitors know that there is something of this sort around. A hidden litter box is in the form of some furniture, some desk usually that has the litter box concealed. Thus, your cat can stay on its own private land and you won’t have to deal with a litter box lying around your home.

The biggest advantage that you are going to have is that you will get a home accessory along with it. Thus, it will add to your home décor as well. So my advice is, go for it if you are already thinking of adding something to the furniture.

  • Sifting Litter Box
 Sifting Litter Box

This box is another amazing way to clear all the clutter. You get a sifting screen. When you lift it, you can see that the litter sifts in the pan. And you have clumps left. Now, you can replace the sifting screen and empty the litter to another pan.

You will love this sifting litter box if you don’t want to get your hands dirty. These boxes also conceal the odor and leave your home fresh.

5 Well-Known Cat Litter Box Brands In The Market Today

When you go out to shop, you are going to be faced with a plethora of brands. These range in prices and features. I have been there and that is why I will guide you on some of the best and most reliable brands you can find on the market. All of these have been used by me or my friends. So, make your pick! Choose whichever you like and which suits your needs.

  • Little Robot Cat Litter Box

This was founded in a desperate effort to finding a solution for the cat’s litter. The company has already made quite an advancement since then. Now, there is an enthusiastic team which has created models like LRII and LRIII. These are efficient, eco-friendly, and require very less attention. The boxes are usually made of touch and recyclable plastics and thus last quite long.

  • Pet Safe

Pet Safe have devoted a lot to innovation and designs. All the products are of high quality and help to build a good relation with your pet. For them, the satisfaction that they are bringing happiness to various homes in enough.

All the products adhere to the standards and undergo all the tests and inspection. So yes, this is a reliable brand for your cutie. There are several products available. Just make a pick and you will love it.

  • Smart Scoop

Their site contains a very apt introduction. And yes, it is true. If you forget to clean your kitty’s box, she sure as hell is going to dirty all your wardrobe and home. This company makes automatic boxes, therefore, you don’t need to operate them even. It cleans on its own and lets you sit back and relax. Now, who does not want a cosy and tension free life. All of us do. This is why I suggest this brand. It is one of the best available.

  • Pet Zone

This brand has an excellent reputation in the market. If you are looking for something that is innovative and yet rich in quality, this is the company you must be picking. The brand makes a lot of things like dog houses, bird feeders and so on. the entire pet care solutions are of great quality. These people like to spread joy and their products do just the same.

  • Litter Maid

A company that calls itself crazy for cats, it has been around for almost a decade. The solutions they provide are practical, clean and fresh. These ensure that there is little or no amount of hassle. Cats are moody and therefore, all the solutions are tailored according to this. The goal is to provide healthiness, happiness and care for your cats. So pick up if you are a little tight on your budget but still want a good product for your kitty.

What Customers On Amazon Have To Say On The Cat Litter Box

As it is said, every cat is different. What might be loved by one cat will be hated by another. So it is never too easy to find what your will like. I recommend you not to make any negative decision based on this. The reason is that, as I have told, it depends from cat to cat.

Mostly, people have loved all the products. A clever cat box knows by the means of the sensors when a cat walks in and walks out. Thus, there is automatic cleaning, without you worrying about a dime.

For many people, their lives have improved. Earlier, they needed to handle the waste by their hands. But now, after having bought the best automatic cat litter box, things have improved. In some products, they don’t even need to deal with the waste.

However, there are some products that are not that up to the mark. This has left quite a many customers unsatisfied. This happens when you buy without realising what you need and what you are getting. On the other hand, people buying the same products have reported happy reviews. Because they knew what, they are getting.

So whichever product you get, you should read the corresponding reviews to it. You will learn a great deal about the product from the reviews itself. However, most of the buyers have reported happy and good things, so I guess that should be the accepted notion.

Final Verdict

If you have thought that you need to buy the best self-cleaning litter box, it is recommended that you do a thorough research prior to that. Unless that is done, you really cannot make the best pick. So back up, and you are all set for the purchase.

I have already listed the best boxes from different price ranges. Then, I have mentioned all the tips and advice that you are going to need as a cat owner. So, without any worries, just find out what type your cat is and then decide accordingly.

So yeah, I don’t need to take any winner or best automatic litter box. But yeah, most of the products are good ones. And the best ones belong to different price ranges. Thus, you already have a good idea. Now further all the decisions will be made by you depending on what type of cat you have.